The Knowledge of Jesus
from the Road to Damascus


Risky. business. That's what the gospel of Jesus both carries and attracts. The gospel is so mouthwatering good and holy true that hungry people will risk their very lives to receive the sincere milk of the word, to sit under His Good News,  to trade their mourning for gladness. THEN, so emboldened by the encounter with the Word, they turn around and risk it all to share it with others!!!!

Jason wrote this week from Jordan...
I've been from Bali, Jakarta, Semerang, and Mozambique all in the last month. I've been in predominantly Muslim territories. Never the less, I've been in these places releasing the knowledge of Jesus. Many miracles have taken place. A little boy born blind received his sight in Pemba. I've been in Indonesia training worshippers and ministering to leaders. Many Muslims are coming forward to receive salvation and even going home and telling their families that they  have accepted Jesus. This is astounding. These precious gatherings include Palestinians, Jordanians, Egyptians, and Syrians, who are all risking their lives for the knowledge of the truth! The truth that is only Jesus. We are helping to train leaders in these cultures, helping them prepare to release the knowledge of Jesus. 

Written on the Road to Damascus
(Photo below)
A voice ... a sound in the desert waiting to be uncovered ... we hear a sound and become a sound ... it's quite profound really ... but that's the design since before infinity ... for The Sound was before time and is now being revealed in me ... personified ... the embodiment of the infinite being took on flesh and walked these deserts in the form of man ... and The Sound of Jesus still reverberates in these sands ... let that sound arise ... love in its purest form ... grace that transforms hearts and makes them flesh ... tenderizes and sanctifies ... as we come to realize Jesus is the way ... the truth ... the life ... Paul traveled this road in Ancient times ... was struck blind and in time did see authentic Glory ... he became a sound ... a scribe of the greatest story!! Christ in me ... that's the epitome of the all and all ... the mystery ... the Holy Romance ... the plan from its beginning ... union...

Infinite love,
Jason and Gina



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  • Jordan until month end
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  • We are raising world changers up all around us

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  • $4,000 for our trip in the beginning of September to Brazil, Canada, and sustaining the ministry in all areas. 
  • Josiah's going to Brazil in October! 


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For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.
Habakkuk 2:14KJV

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