Chasing Wisdom
All the Way
to Africa

I'm doing my darnedest to live out those wise words of Solomon that were recorded in the book of Proverbs; In all of my getting, I’m getting understanding.  

Yes wisdom! It's the principle thing. As the days come and the sun, she rises and falls, I’m still in pursuit of understanding. I may not know everything yet but I do know in which way a heart is bent. Right now,  his heart is leaning towards the continent of Africa, Mozambique to be exact. 


You know, somethings you hold close to your heart and you wait. Ghana was the first foreign soil my little feet ever hit. Too much to tell but it would be nearly 20 years before I walked the dirt of Africa again. 


When Josiah was about 4 years old he abrubtly stepped into full out intersession for Africa. I know, I know, believe me or not, but it was like a mighty whirlwind hit when this child opened his mouth. He stopped us in our tracks. In the middle of the 3 of us watching Hannah Montana on Disney Channel, he insisted we pause the show and let him pray.  This tiny thing began to cry out for the nations of Africa. ‘God, put fish in their rivers and grass in their fields, bring doctors to deliver the babies and to keep the snakes out… Amen’ And just like that he pressed play on the remote and continued watching Disney Channel again. Oh faith like a child! 


I know that all of those years ago, when the Lord put Africa in the heart of me and Jason, there’s no doubt that Josiah was on his mind. 


Now, 13 years and growing, this compassionate, playful, & curious soul is on his way to Africa for the 3rd time. He will travel to Pemba, Mozambique with his daddy to minister at the Harvest School for Iris Global. 


He’s a goer and you are the sender… want to partner with Josiah? Click here to give (Please specify "Josiah" in the comments section).


Proverbs 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.


Thanksgiving dinner in the City of Joy, 2013.
Our family being commissioned by Mama Heidi and Iris Global. 2013.
Josiah and Anselmo - 2013
Footprints. 2013.

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