A Good Report & A Revelation of Being Still


Oh when you've stilled yourself in the midst of chaos, and then you hear the words 'cancer free'! That will resonate in your being with gratefulness untold. We're rejoicing with mirth over the good report just received by a follow up CT scan this month. We are believing God for the fullness of healing to be made known. We are in great faith, that as we move in love the Lord will continue to send us where he will manifest Himself. We share this with you all that have given boldly and courageously to us personally during the cancer treatments. Words will never be enough. 

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A Revelation to Be Still

  • Here's a little of Jesus in our midst while we walked through cancer...

She cried as she told me, “You will have to cancel your schedule!” My Ear Nose and Throat Doctor had searched me out at another part of the hospital to give me the results of my recent biopsy. I thought to myself, how compassionate it was of her to go through the trouble to walk across the hospital campus to personally deliver the results. On top of this, she did so through tears. When does a doctor ever weep when giving a diagnosis? We would later realize she was afraid for my life as I had Stage 4b Throat Cancer. I was already at the hospital where her office was located, as my mom was in surgery in a different wing. We stepped into a side room for her to tell me the news. I called Regina, my wife, in order for her to listen with me over speaker phone together. I’d met with this particular doctor once before, so she knew a bit about my life and what I do as a missionary & minister. With tears running down her face, she explained to us that I had throat cancer, and would need to cancel my schedule. By cancel my schedule, she meant indefinitely! At her declaration, all I could hear reverberate in my spirit was “I know Him!” Over and over that’s what would echo on the inside, “I know Him!” The next thing that came out of my mouth to my wife was “this will be our upgrade!” God didn’t cause this, but He will step into it, and we will learn a facet of His nature and character that we have never known!” Of course I had questions and sought after medical wisdom and Godly council, but the resounding word in my gut was “I know Him”. Then Jesus spoke to me so clearly, “Be still and know, Jason” Once again it was over and over that I heard “Be sill and know, Jason” Jesus is so incredibly kind. The next months would take us on a journey that we would have never dreamed. Thirty-five intense radiation treatments and six intense chemo treatments over about an eight week period. I slowly lost pound after pound. To swallow was like swallowing razor blades. The treatments were causing me to cough up blood and tumor to an overwhelming degree. I became weak, lethargic, dehydrated, and just plain sick. I eventually lost almost fifty pounds. “BE STILL AND KNOW, JASON!” We may speak this scripture quite frequently, but I personally had never realized the profundity of it. God had graciously told me several months prior to this diagnosis, that He was going to teach me a ‘realm of stillness’ that I had never known. This promise on top of several others, had prepared me for this journey through and into overcoming cancer.

A biblical account that spoke deeply to me in this season, and truly is still unveiling itself to me, is found in 1 Sam 30:1-20 When David and his army returned from war to Ziklag and the camp had been burned, all the woman and children had been taken. The story tells us that his men wept until they couldn’t even make a sound and that they even desired to kill David. Have you ever hurt so deeply that you couldn’t even cry any more? Have you ever been bruised so profoundly in your heart and although you're your mouth is wide open, your body is tense with pain, tears are flowing, yet no sound comes from your mouth? Thats what happened with these mighty warriors. This is the context of their reality. Faced with these truths, David somehow carried a revelation that even in the midst of utter tragedy, he KNEW what to do. The Bible tells us that he “encouraged himself in the Lord”, and that he “asked for the ephod”.

I have been studying quite diligently on the Key of David. Many times in our efforts to understand the mystery of scripture, we can try to wrap language around truths that we find. I have heard the Key of David defined in a variety of ways, ideologies, methods, and formats. As I have personally searched the scriptures and the heart of God, I have come to the understanding that the key of David is much more personal and much more vulnerable than can fully be explained. A mere simple attempt to define his key is David’s Intimacy with the Divine, his pure posture of life, and the knowledge of God which those produced. He understood his depravity, yet because of his intimate understanding he could still cry for Holy. The Bible tells us that the Key of David opens a door that no man can shut. A door opens every time we lean into the heart of God; A pathway to another realm of God’s infinite personality. This journey of overcoming cancer had many revelations of Jesus but specifically for this purpose was stillness.

“Be still and know”. This literally paints a stunning picture of melting into all that Jesus is. The beauty of abiding. The splendor of Holiness. Relentless trust! I would lie on my couch and worship. I would lie there and no matter what was happening all around me, I would allow myself to melt into the very virtue of Jesus. The place of mystical union. Now that I have touched this place I don’t want to leave and I don’t have to! I refuse to believe we have to settle with a move of God that lifts. Not when Jesus, who is the definition of Revival, has already come. Like Paul the Apostle spoke of, we can move beyond the realm of faith and step into a realm of full assurance. Colossians 2:2b and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery God, and of the Father, and of Christ; in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. We can enter a place of tangible knowledge! This is available to us my friends. We simply have to “Be Still and Know” We simply have to stay in that place of abiding. There is worship in the waiting. There is beauty in beholding.

John 17:3 Psalm 46:10 John 15:4 1Samuel 30: 1-20 Is 22:22 Rev 3:7

Infinite love,
Jason and Gina


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