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The Jig  is up, or should I have said shofar? We are moving! Nothing stays the same, except Jesus. Right? A couple of weeks ago we celebrated 26 years of marriage. What a wondrous love we live. We took it all in by the sea for 3 days. Our time together was rich. We wanted to celebrate as a family since Josiah and Jason were to head to Portugal a few days after. They were so excited to be with Heidi and our team in Lisbon. 
The PLANS. We were also gearing up for a SUMMER in BRAZIL. The entire family has tickets to fly! Brazil is preparing for us even now! This trip is very important on many levels. There will be both rest and ministry. 
The MOVE. We came home from the sea to find out that the home we’ve lived-in for 7 years is being sold. We have 60 days to properly vacate. On a normal basis, this would be no problem. Actually, for several reasons, we’d already felt a stirring that it was time for a change. However, with our Brazil trip scheduled for April 23rd, we have to move a bit more hurriedly than usual and during such bizarre circumstances.
The KICKER. COVID19. It came on the scene. Lots changed. Still, Jesus never changes. He’s told us to ‘stay the course’. I’m reminded of a little boat full of disciples, and a storm, and in that very same boat was a sleeping Jesus. He’d told them the plans before the storm had stirred. He’d spoken, ‘Let’s go to the other side of the lake.’ Then the storm came. External change arose… but He remained unchangeable.  His word had already gone before them. So, for us, we’re holding to that word. Joyfully, prayerfully, faithfully walking in the WAY. Staying the course while Jesus is ‘sleeping ‘in our ‘boat’. We’re speaking calm to the winds and the waves. Eyes on Jesus. Steady as she goes. 
QUARANTINE. (or better yet #quaranTEEN) For us quarantine means the Jones House of the Beloved are all home together for an extended period of time. (No complaints here :-)  Only quarantine also means Jason’s ministry schedule for March and months ahead have been cancelled due to gathering restrictions, which are necessary but challenging. Ministry events in Europe, South America, & the USA have been halted. Still, we’re trusting that Jesus never changes. He’s our provision no matter the season, even when your income comes to a screeching halt! He’s yours too, if this has affected your finances in the same manner. Meanwhile, we’re packing, reminiscing, homeschooling, packing, and did I say packing? Also, we’re keeping in touch with our team and relationships around the world and still continuing in some aspects of ministry via technology. So grateful!
STAY THE COURSE. We’re gracefully wrapping our brains around the quick move. We actually looked at a couple of houses, but resolved to wait. The waiting means pack up the house and put it all into storage. If we’re allowed to travel come April 23rd, then off we go to Brazil as planned! If travel restrictions do not allow for this, then we have fantastic friends that have a place for us to stay in the interim. The Lord is faithful. These are others ‘in the boat’ with us that are speaking peace to the storm and staying the course in faith. 
Our PRAYERS. Faith filled prayers of divine protection for our family and yours. Our neighborhood and yours. Our city and yours. Our state and yours. Our nation and yours! Faith in King Jesus reigning over every evil attack of the enemy. Faith that He shall arise with healing in his wings. Faith that He’s a wall of fire around and the glory within. Faith that weeping may endure for a night, but JOY will come in the morning. Faith that persecution spreads the Gospel, and that the CHURCH is not defined by walls or large gatherings, but that where 2 or 3 gather in His Name HE is in our MIDST. We are humbled and hopeful that He will hear from heaven, forgive, and heal our land.
Luke 8:22-25
Zech 2
Mat 18:20
Ps 98
Ps 30:5
Malachi 4:2
2 Chron 7
In his fire,,
Jason and Regina


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  • April
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For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.
Habakkuk 2:14KJV


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•    Jason Lee Jones and his wife Regina are completely ruined for Jesus. The more they encounter the kindness of Jesus, the more they long to be his voice of passion and compassion in the earth. They are internationally recognized speakers, preachers, teachers, authors, poets, songwriters, and accomplished musicians and missionaries. 

•    In light of their global service in a myriad of capacities, they have a vivid perspective of the church and missions at large. Such faculties include the likes of senior and associate pastors, creative arts and worship pastors, missions’ directors, and mentors. At their core, they are true philanthropic missionaries with benevolent hearts, who are working on the front lines and also alongside those worldwide organizations to physically feed, clothe, and educate the impoverished, and rescue those in conflict areas. Wholeheartedly, they focus on influencing influencers via facilitating leadership development, bible schools, missions training, consultations, and are especially gifted with a distinct propensity in drawing out the gifts of artisans through art intensives with an emphasis on building world changers through a modern day renaissance. 


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