Seeds, Impartation, & a Testimony


Oh  this. This is what it's all about! The fruit that remains is worth it all.  As we continue to GO, to PLANT those mighty seeds, and also WATER others, we know that it's God that causes the INCREASE!

And as we go, we also go in the power of impartation. We wanted to share a testimony of just that. 

Jason is just now landing in Sweden. Thank you for giving and praying and supporting. We have lots yet to do in faith by love.

Infinite love,
Jason and Gina


The following is from a precious pastor in Brazil, and has been translated from Portuguese. 

Grace and Peace from the Lord, dear ones! I am Pastor Vinicius, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Quissamã-RJ. In September we had a revival conference at our church, The Fire Conference, and Jason Lee Jones was with us at that time. Our church was a church that dreamed of living new things in God, but it was  somehow a traditional church, not to say religious "liturgy." But the Lord took me to a different level, where I could experience a revival in my life and my home! My wife and I went to the Prophetic Clamor Conference in January of this year, and there we were taught by Jason. As soon as he played the first chord on the keyboard, we realized the atmosphere of the place became totally different. We left there with something generated in us, enlivened, activated, aligned and completely in love with Jesus! An enormous desire sprang into our hearts to live that whole experience with our people, with our local church!

Later we boldly tried to contact Jason to try and bring him into our Conference, which was a dream come true, we got it, Hallelujah! It was two days of ministry, and on those days we realized that we were not in another event, but it was a restart for every church! The heavens opened in those days, literally! Historically there was a drought in our city, but in those two days there was rain, and since then it rains easily.  manifestation in nature itself for everything that was happening there! In addition People were healed. Religiosity was gone. The church is now vibrant, in love, encouraged, renewed! The Lord used this simple man's life to change the history of our church, and from it, to change the history of our city!

Since the Conference, the city schools began to invite us to minister to the students.  We were already in some and in one of them a 15-year-old, after the ministry, handed a steel blade saying that she had prepared to take her own life. but she felt something new welling up inside her and was now giving her life to Jesus!

Jason, you have released what's inside you, and I summarize it in two words: Passion and Compassion! We will be eternally grateful for that, after only two days of you ministering, that we have began to live out things that in 43 years we had never thought to live, All because someone said "Yes", came to us and set fire so that we could burn together! There are still many other effects of everything that happened in those days, but I leave this brief testimony to honor this ministry, and to celebrate the Lord for all that He has done through our beloved brother! Jason, Iris Global, you have our love, our prayers, and our respect, we know that nations will be flooded with the glory of God through their lives! May Grace always be upon you!

With all the love,

Pr Vinicius Amaral
Equipe Jason Lee Jones Brasil.

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Habakkuk 2:14KJV


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•    Jason Lee Jones and his wife Regina are completely ruined for Jesus. The more they encounter the kindness of Jesus, the more they long to be his voice of passion and compassion in the earth. They are internationally recognized speakers, preachers, teachers, authors, poets, songwriters, and accomplished musicians and missionaries. 

•    In light of their global service in a myriad of capacities, they have a vivid perspective of the church and missions at large. Such faculties include the likes of senior and associate pastors, creative arts and worship pastors, missions’ directors, and mentors. At their core, they are true philanthropic missionaries with benevolent hearts, who are working on the front lines and also alongside those worldwide organizations to physically feed, clothe, and educate the impoverished, and rescue those in conflict areas. Wholeheartedly, they focus on influencing influencers via facilitating leadership development, bible schools, missions training, consultations, and are especially gifted with a distinct propensity in drawing out the gifts of artisans through art intensives with an emphasis on building world changers through a modern day renaissance. 


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