Bring Me the Ephod


For sometime now, we have been obsessed with the Key of David. (Isaiah 22:22 & Rev 3:7)

 I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David;
what he opens no one can shut,
and what he shuts no one can open. 

Isaiah 22:22

The Key of David can’t be simply defined or labeled by our mental capacities around heavenly realities. This revelation comes by abiding in the presence of Jesus and allowing revelation to be soaked right into us, and then ultimately be revealed through us.  

This key will unlock doors over nations and people groups the worldwide! It’s not only prayer, and worship, and spoken word, and acts of kindness. Although these are all wonderful expressions of His heart, the essence of the Key of David is a heart unquestionably fascinated and wholeheartedly in love with Jesus!  David encountered this love outside of man-made principles, paths, cultural structures, or religious laws. His encounters were tried and true, pure, authentic, & intimate. This is why no matter the circumstances, whether he caused them or walked into them, he could nevertheless completely access heaven. (Psalm 139) 

Once, when returning from Ziklag (1 Sam 30:1-20), David came upon his camp in ruin. It had been burned to the ground, and the entirety of the women and children had been taken captive. The Bible tells us that David’s mighty men wept until the point that there was no sound left in them! That certainly was a heart wrenching circumstance, but David found strength in the Lord. 

The situation escalated even further. It came to the point that his own men turned on him, then sought to KILL him. Notice the profundity of David’s response. He (1) encouraged himself in the lord, and (2) he ASKED for the ephod, which speaks of his priesthood. His priesthood was the position from which he would minister to Jesus. 

Every other king in the Bible that performed a priestly duty was judged. Oh but not David! God Himself said of David that he was a man after His own heart. The fact is, David was a king by lineage, but a priest by revelation in relationship. In the midst of horrific devastation David had a key. He didn’t take matters into his own hands. His key became his inner compass by which to access the heart and mind of God.  David lived from another realm; a heavenly reality. He took every situation to the Lord. 

This inner compass, this key of David, gave him access to navigate from a realm beyond the natural mind. As we are writing this, it’s obvious that the world is in a chaotic state. From the Corona virus pandemic, death, loss, racism, riots, the world was shut down and then lit afire seemingly overnight!

We could easily allow these very real and dreadful events to throw us off course. However, anytime there is chaos of this magnitude happening, there is simultaneously a vacuum or a door if you will, that opens and invites us to go ‘up and in’ into the knowledge of Jesus. 

We can see what He’s thinking and feeling. Then navigate appropriately. The key of David gives us access to that door. Our highest response in these times should be like that of David’s… ‘bring me the ephod’. 

Recently, right in the midst of pandemics and upheaval, our family has experienced lots of change.  We’ve not been able to leave the country. We’ve had to move from our home of 7 years. We transitioned into a trailer in the woods 40 miles outside of Savannah. Lovely families were preparing places for us, actually in two different nations. However, with the pandemic, we came to our place in the country rather early! With the move, we’ve found ourselves in the midst of cleaning and restoring our literal home. It is with exceeding joy and gratitude that we see it all from a heavenly perspective. 

There are always a plethora of sounds being released into the atmosphere.  It’s the key of David; intimate friendship with Jesus that will enable us to tune into the Voice of Truth, The Voice of Jesus. Rather than be overcome, oversaturated, or over stimulated by the multitude of voices in the world, you too can remain still and confident in the Key of David. 

We’re praying for you all from the backwoods of Georgia! Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we pray for you … for all sufficiency to be seen in your lives. May you positions yourselves to hear rightly! His voice is the best.

In His fire,
Jason and Gina



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  • God only knows! For real. There are so many irons in the fire and invitations that we are holding near and dear to our hearts. We'll be in the States for a bit, but we're praying diligently for our friends in Brazil,  Colombia, Mozambique, South Africa, and Europe. Let's just cover the whole earth with the knowledge of His glory.
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•    Jason Lee Jones and his wife Regina are completely ruined for Jesus. The more they encounter the kindness of Jesus, the more they long to be his voice of passion and compassion in the earth. They are internationally recognized speakers, preachers, teachers, authors, poets, songwriters, and accomplished musicians and missionaries. 

•    In light of their global service in a myriad of capacities, they have a vivid perspective of the church and missions at large. Such faculties include the likes of senior and associate pastors, creative arts and worship pastors, missions’ directors, and mentors. At their core, they are true philanthropic missionaries with benevolent hearts, who are working on the front lines and also alongside those worldwide organizations to physically feed, clothe, and educate the impoverished, and rescue those in conflict areas. Wholeheartedly, they focus on influencing influencers via facilitating leadership development, bible schools, missions training, consultations, and are especially gifted with a distinct propensity in drawing out the gifts of artisans through art intensives with an emphasis on building world changers through a modern day renaissance. 


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