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Newsletter Feb 2019

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Meeting Minutes

Mt Creighton update

Hunting report

Dates for the diary

Contact Details

Next meeting Thu 28th Mar

includes Roaring Competition
Bring your own horn for a roaring competition
Arrowtown Bowling Club

6 Hertford Street, Arrowtown

Bar opens from 6.30pm

Map available on this link


Congrats to Pam on her first Red. 

This newsletter is also available to read online
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Roaring Competition 28th March 

Get in practice for the roar and bring your horn and compete for the best sounding roar 

Any member welcome to enter - prizes for best sounding "roars/moans and croaks"

Competitors will be "performing" behind a screen and judged by a panel and the crowd

Note from Sharon
Sounds like lots of fun - can someone record it or take photos as I will miss it sadly  :-(

Minutes from Meeting 28th Feb 2019

Meeting opened at 7.30pm  and concluded at 8.40pm

Apologies and minutes

Received from: -  Phil Ballam, Brendon Colemore Williams, Alan Mackie, Terry Youngman, new member Andrew Gillingwater, Nick Haprov , Sean Magin (In AKL), Dave Rider, Andy Smith, Melissa Jager

Moved that the minutes from the last meeting is a true and accurate account moved by Pam Howarth and 2nd by Pete Henderson

General Correspondence In:

Thankyou from A&P show

We received a thank you email from the A&P show and to say it was a successful day:-

"It was a fabulous 2019 Lake Hayes A&P Show thanks to all the hard work of committee members and our numerous volunteers. Perfect weather, calm, blue skies and not too hot brought out locals and visitors in droves; between five and six thousand people attended.
Popular attractions this year included the police tractor, entertainers Craig Smith and Wayne McEwan, although the biggest hit was the shade sail. 

However, the Show wouldn’t be complete without the support of the trade stands and market stalls and once again we had an eclectic mix of stall holders.  We appreciate you’re backing each year and to those new to the Show we hope we’ll see you again next year."

As a club we raised nearly $2k so thanks to the hard working team who made this possible, all monies raised go towards our eventual club range

DOC Meeting re Mt Creighton

Sharon attended a last minute meeting with DOC on Friday 22nd Feb to discuss the up coming Mt Creighton Blocks coming on board as a result of the Tenure Review Process of the station.

(Basically Tenure Review means high country stations go through a controversial process where they get to keep some of their leased land and the remaining part goes back to DOC) 

The tenure review at Mt Creighton means Lake Luna and the surrounding area now belongs to the owners however DOC get a few large hunting blocks hopefully coming on board by April. See map below. The meeting was to ask if we could extend the dates to 4 day permits, smaller blocks and all year round. Dave Girling was supportive of this and so it's now just a case of wait and see.

DOC have very very limited funds and we discussed ways to be able to ballot the blocks so they are thinking of doing something similar to the way Stewart island works but that is by no means concrete and we will have to see what they come back with. 

Once this is available Sharon will email the club so you have a good chance to apply for these blocks. Pete Henderson spoke about the area having hunted in there, and yes it is hard work , tough county and not for the faint hearted, but the rewards are good, lots of fallow deer, chamois and goats.
The map below shows roughly the proposed new hunting blocks - blocks 1 & 2 are already a block called 12 mile - see DOC site but we've asked for these now to be open all year round.  DOC wanted 3 & 4 to be one block and 6 & 7 another block so only 3 extra new areas, so cross fingers they split them and take on board our proposals as requested.

WARO consulation

Submissions on the proposals ( to include the Nevis) closed on the 15th Feb. THANKS to the many members that did actually submit and copied us in – When we hear back we will keep you updated.

(WARO is wild animal recovery operations, basically licences for helicopters to recover deer from heli hunting and the club has objected the proposals DOC have put forward in the Nevis valley and a number of other areas)
Images below are Waro maps 15 showing the Nevis area and are before and after the review - note black areas were new proposals

New Memberships and website broke 

We received a few new member enquiries and then discovered the website links were not working,  this was due to the program we use called Wordpress that did a new update so hopefully all good now – hence the delay in invoices for new membership as the website needed urgent attention.

Minutes from South Island access group received

Dave Rider is our representative but due to Xmas and tenure review on hold nothing too urgent to report, this was their 1st meeting so mainly setting up was discussed.

Regular Nov hut booking 

Peter (from Australia) books out our Mid Greenstone hut every year for a week at the start of the fishing season in Nov – we make nearly $1000 for the exclusive booking but need to check the members are ok with that. No objections were made in the meeting "Take the money" was the general concensus.  

Correspondence from National Office

Submissions close 12th April 
See LINZ website for full details CLICK HERE
What is Tenure review?

Tenure Review Changes at Government Levels

We received an email to advise that the Tenure review process has been halted – maybe you saw it in the news anyway?

There was an interesting article on Stuff about the process and submissions close 12th April. Although the club will submit on behalf of our members, we also invite members to have a say on the process.
More Info

National Conference dates

The dates have been set 16th and 17th August, in Wellington – anyone keen to attend? Nick has indicated he'd be keen again and is anyone else keen?

Regional Meeting

This is on the 17th March in Dunedin – DOC are attending to present at 1pm about 1080 drops proposed for the winter which of course is really important to us especially the Whitetail deer areas and the Caples

Katie Dugan and Sharon Salmons will be attending, Pete Henderson said he may be keen and anyone is welcome to attend too
Starting at 10am at the Otago Branch clubrooms located at 53 Malvern Street, Woodhaugh, Dunedin.

Correspondence out

  • Replies to above mainly DOC stuff

Presidents Update

DVDs and Loading Gear

As a club, we have a number of hunting DVDs for loan and some loading gear to loan out, DVDs are stored with Sharon but it would be good to have a total audit and a list on what we actually own as a club (radios, GPS, PLBs, DVDs etc) so if anyone is keen to help - let us know 

Once done, a list of DVDs and equipment available to borrow will be available online

Secretaries Report

Mar 10th Long Range Rifle Shoot

All Southern Lakes members have been invited to the Te Anau Fiordland Firearms Club Long Range shoot. This was due to be held in Feb but got postponed due to weather so is now going ahead this weekend, you don't need to be a member just pay the $10 range fee

Fiordland Range, Lynwood Road, Hillside, Te Anau 9672

Normal format, (We as a club join this shoot a few times a year) ie 5 rounds on paper at 100 yards for tightest group, then 5 rounds on steel at each of 270/470/570/620 yards

Steele Creek Ballot - Mid Greenstone Hut

We normally do a working bee at one of the huts around this time of year and it was discussed at the meeting if we should do one in April to co-incide with the ballots. There seems to be ample wood at the Greenstone hut so the concensus was to wait till September and do one then.

So there are 8 spots for the Steele Creek Ballot between the 1st and 10th April

Dave RIder, Shaun Molony, Pam Haworth and Simon Brackstone have indicated they are keen - anyone else? I know a few in the past have mentioned they maybe keen but just in case it's been forgotten, please let Sharon know so she can sort the hunting permit asap as she is away hunting herself 24th-30th March so it needs to be done before then

CORUF Calendars

If you bought one of these calendars off Alan and have not paid for it, just a reminder to pop your $16 in the club bank account 
ASB 12-3405-0071329-00

Treasurers Report 

Balance was $ 55818.90 as of meeting date
Hut takings since last meeting were $1900  

Bills to pay
  • Create Me Media Website hosting $86.25

    Pipework materials for hut was donated by Wayne Patterson - Thanks Wayne !

    Motion to pay moved by Brendon Colemore WIlliams and 2nd by Brandon Gunst  


Number of members paid are currently at 136 although we suspect there are many more once we do an audit and start to sort invoices due out soon

Invoices for membership 2019-20 will be coming out shortly (just running a bit behind schedule)

It will be $95 for a senior and $5 each family member and due for payment by the 1st April.

But feel free to deposit your membership money early before your invoice arrives if you wanted - just reference your name please

Southern Lakes ASB 12-3405-0071329-00

Welcome to the new members 

Pete Jarvis
Mark Weinberg
Keith Conelius

Hunts and club trips coming up

Alan Mackie who is chatting to a farmer about a bunny shoot was not able to make the meeting

Andy Pearson was happy to help organise anther goat hunt in Coronet Peak Station - the farmer was happy to let us come back again, dates not confirmed yet

The annual Tahr Hunt will go ahead again on the weekend of 8th -10th Nov, get the date in your diary as this is a popular and very successful club trip organised by Shaun Moloney.
Tahr trip Nov 2018

Stoat Trap Updates

One of our members William Lash hiked into Steele Creek/Mid Greenstone Hut and checked the traps but also repaired the ones that needed fixing to the base of the box and fitted hex screws to each box (We have to have hex screws as the inquisitive Kea take the pin out and then get killed in the traps) so a huge THANKS to Will 

Anyone else keen for a walk - let us know, we need to check at least 4 times a year

General Business

Hunting and Fishing duck shooting 21st April

Jake reminded us about the the following event 

"The Hunting & Fishing New Zealand and Beretta 2019 Duck Shooters Clay Bird Circuit"

This is a fun day giving hunters the chance to try all the latest releases from the market leaders Beretta and Benelli.
Beretta NZ will have one of their pro staff at the shoots to help with advice on shooting technique and of course explain the features and benefits of the sponsors guns.  First prize is a $1,500 Beretta voucher which the winner can spend on any product distributed by Beretta NZ.

WHERE?     Central Otago, Pisa Station, Cromwell - Luggate Rd/Wanaka Highway    Ph: 03 445 4830
More info

HUNTS course

Pete and Shaun are hoping to do another HUNTS course in May or June - date to be confirmed (hopefully soon) if you are keen to attend (or know anyone keen) let us know, details about what is covered is on our website 

Meeting ended 8.35pm with brief hunts report after a break - see below

Hunts Report

Has been out twice 1200m elevation saw 10 chamois, 9 reds but sadly her 150m shot missed the target. so she headed out again with Shaun this time a 800m elevation and spotted 3 stags. took 90 mins to stalk and after getting 75 m away she shot and success!

Wayne P
Been out and seen about 13-14 fallow, successfully shot a red at Spot X

Andy Pearson
Went out with mates looking for pigs (was told they were in the Garsten area) and ended up finding and shooting a red instead, only when he got there after his shot did he realise it was an 11 pointer stag

Tim P
Been mainly on the West coast both fishing and hunting, shot 1 hind
Stayed at the Kaipo hut and Cascade hut which he said was an amazing place to stay 

Shaun M
Walked the Divide to the Routeburn and was hunting the tops, only found gut bags and no sign of deer 

Went pig hunting with a friend although unsuccessfully - lots of movement in the bushes but they were farm dogs so she didn't know which was a pig and which was a dog

Still needing a New President

The AGM in May is where the committee and positions such as President, Treasurer , Secretary etc are elected. Nathan talked to the meeting in Jan to say that due to work commitments and his growing kids, he would not be standing for re election at the AGM in May. So this means we will be looking for a new president in May

It would be great to have a few people could come forward this time round, don't worry if you don't know a thing about what you are supposed to do, the existing committee (and Sharon) can help lots and will always explain and you aren't expected to know it all from day one.
Time wise - is as little or as much as you can give, Maybe attending a few extra events/meetings or giving comment on a few of the emails we receive would be ideal.

If president is not for you, there are various roles so that the jobs get split up and  issues shared are much easier than just one person doing everything. Maybe have a think about standing for general committee so that you can see what goes on and slowly decide if you want to be involved a bit more. We also really need people to help with the submissions (which seem to be coming fast and plentiful at the moment) 

If you are keen to start to learn a bit more about the background stuff that goes on and the running of the club, feel free to chat to Sharon or past committee members to find out more

 Dates for the Diary

17 Mar - Regional Meeting Dunedin

28 Mar - Monthly Meeting

1 Apr - Membership renewals to be paid by

1 - 10 April - Steele Creek Ballot spaces available 

25 Apr - Monthly Meeting

30 May - AGM and Monthly meeting

21 Jun - Winter Festival Burger stand fundraiser

Bring a friend 

Now that we have a great venue, feel free to bring any friends to the club night meetings you think may be interested in joining.

No charge to attend their first meeting

Club Contacts

General Enquiries

021 942 328

Bank Account
ASB: 12-3405-0071329-00



Nathan Wise 021 792 010

Vice President 

Brendon Colemore Williams  021 671 000


Roger Slow 027 281 3571


Sharon Salmons  021 942 328


Melissa Jager  027 392 3692

Tenur Review Officers

Alan Mackie  03 448 6536
Shaun Molony   027 442 1605

Hunts course Co-ordinators

Peter 'Dodgy' Henderson  
NOTE new number 020 4144 9272
Shaun Moloney
Paul Dayman 

Stoats Traps

Simon Brackstone
Roger Slow

Hut Bookings   021 942 328

Online booking available

Club Hunt Co-ordinators

Andy Pedley   021 606 545
Jonno Greer 027 450 7411

Trophy Custodian

Alex Ritchie 021 0248 7086
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