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Newsletter October/ November 2018

Sorry for REALLY late newsletters so I've included both in one bumper newsletter ie Oct meeting and Nov meeting all in one.
In this edition

Meeting Minutes

WARO update

Tahr Trip Pics

Dates for the diary

Contact Details

Next catch up Thu 13th Dec

Arrowtown Bowling Club

6 Hertford Street, Arrowtown

No meeting just a Xmas BBQ
Come talk "hunting shit" and have a social beer

Bar opens from 6.30pm
Bring your own food/ meat for the BBQ
Map available on this link


Xmas meeting BBQ 

After the successful Pot Luck Xmas BBQ last year, we will do this again on 13th Dec. There will be no meeting just a chance to chat and socialise over food and  a beer and the opportunity to "talk hunting and fishing shit" with each other. 

Family and partners welcome
This is a huge newsletter so also available to read online
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Minutes from Meeting 25th Oct 2018 

Apologies and minutes

Received from: -  Dave Rider, Peter Ray, Mike Ide, Dion Halshaw, Wayne Atkins, Dennis Schippers, Travis, Pete Morrison, Brendon Colemore Williams, Andy Pedley

Moved that the minutes from the last meeting is a true and accurate account moved by Simon Brackstone and 2nd by Jake Woodward

General Correspondence In:

Mark Salmons Memorial Shoot 

This was held on 28th October (3 days after the Oct meeting) and the format was 100m right thru to 620m.

Thanks to those that went:
  • Dave and Jacqui Lattimore
  • Macca Rocha
  • Herman Kriel
  • Sharon Salmons
  • Wayne Atkins
  • Dave Rider
Sadly we lost the trophy AGAIN as the Te Anau club won - however Sharon did win the tightest 100m grouping and Macca finished in the top 3

Hunter liaison meeting with DOC

Sharon, Alan and Al Gay attended the quarterly meeting with DOC on the 1st Nov 
The minutes will be available for the next newsletter however the main things that came out of it was that the new hunting blocks at Mt Creighton will be available from April. Sadly the proposals we asked for at the meeting sometime back were not passed on (Nicole left employment) so we need to reiterate what we have asked for again

Correspondence from National Office

  • Draft minutes from July conference were received click below if you wish to read these
  • Head office are introducing a new database system so this is a timely reminder to email us if you have recently moved or you have a new firearms licence number so we can let them know.
  • The regional NZDA group have asked branches to write to DOC and ask them to include landowner info on any permits where access is required. 
  • CRAG - South Island Access Group  : a new subcommittee of National Office is being set up called SIAC similar to CRAG and as a club we get to nominate a representative for our club. Alan is already there as part of CORUF,  so we asked if anyone else was keen? In the absence of no one coming forward,  we would nominate Dave Rider which was done however we are still waiting to hear back to know if he was successful
  • Natex (National Executive) also issued a press release on the Wanaka helicopter incident
“The New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association deeply regrets the tragic loss of life in a helicopter accident while conducting wild animal control operations near Wanaka.
Former NZDA President Bill O’Leary said the accident and loss of lives was a great tragedy. “All our members, indeed hunters everywhere, will join in expressing their deepest sympathy to the families of those lost.”
Bill O’Leary
Conference minutes

Correspondence out

  • Nomination for SIAC (South Island Access Committee) and replies to emails detailed above

Presidents Update

Tahr Hunt 

  • Nathan chatted about the upcoming Tahr hunt on the 10th & 11th Nov
  • Brendon talked about organising a goat hunt/cull with the Coronet Peak station manager, this went ahead on the 8th Dec

    Pics and updates from these are detailed further in newsletter

Treasurers Report 

Balance was $ 50,621.55 as of meeting date
Hut takings since last meeting were $1065

Bills to pay
  • Helicopter bills – from working bee $3484
    Motion to pay agreed by Al Gay  2nd by Jacques Olivie 


Current paid up members 127 (although we have over 200 on the database)
So there will be some checking of payments and the database etc over the holidays when we have more time

General Business

Range Update

This is a subject we are well aware could lead to member conflict in ideas and frustration in lack of progress but please bear with us.

As you know we have been trying for years and now have the option of creating a range in the Cardrona Valley. BUT because these things take LOTS of time and effort, trying to please every member is hard; also because we need to check this is the right option and spend any money wisely, the committee want to form a separate range subcommittee from the day to day running of the club, so that this new group can do the ground work and report back to the meetings. 

So a motion was raised at the meeting to see if there was any objection to forming this committee. The committee once formed would create a proposal which would come to the meetings and newsletters

Interested people so far below but if you are keen to help get things moving, please email your interest. 

Simon Brackstone, Jake Woodward, Brendon Colemore Williams, Mike Ide, Macca Rocha, Andy Smith & Shaun Molony have all expressed an interest to help out

As for any updates – the range working group formed to date (and there is still space if you want to stick your hand up) is working on securing legal access before we can commit to any plans and spend our money, and that pro bono and consultation applications are underway on behalf of the club.

CORUF Calendars 

It was proposed (without objections) to buy 10 calendars off CORUF as this is their fundraiser and sell them to members for $16. They will be available at the Xmas BBQ if you are interested

 Dates for the Diary

13th Dec - Club Xmas BBQ (no meeting and bring family along)

14th Dec - Last day for Otago Reg Council submissions

12th Jan - A&P show fundraiser

31st Jan - Last day for Waro submissions

31st Jan - First meeting of the year

1st -10th April - Steel Creek Ballot available

Minutes from meeting 29th Nov 2018 

Apologies and minutes

Received from: -  Nathan Wise, Dave Rider, Alex Ritchie, Jacqui Lattimore, Phil Balaam, Paul Anderson, Pam Haworth, Alan Mackie, Andras Balogh

General Correspondence In:

Caples Gas cooker

We have received a couple of emails about the gas cooker in the Caples Hut having a few issues staying alight, Roger is looking into this but we may need to sort a gas fitter person to go in and fix them

Head office newsletter

We also received a couple of emails from members getting confused over the national NZDA newsletter asking for membership renewals. Our Branch collects memberships directly not via head office so just ignore any reference to subs due now in these newsletters from head office - Ours will be due in April
If you are NOT receiving these monthly news letters from head office (latest one below) then let us know and they may have your email address wrong in their records
This is the national newsletter sent from head office - Click HERE to read.
Everyone should get this if not, email us to check your email address on their database

Conservation Board Meeting - White Tail Deer

Alan Mackie, Sharon and Andy Smith attended the conservation board meeting in November where they spoke about the Whitetail Deer, their history and the upcoming update to the Mt Aspiring National Park.
On the whole the landowners agreed that the numbers of deer were not exploding and if anything, the herd had been severely affected after the 2014 1080 drop that did not have any repellent applied.
There is a proposal from DOC that the Dart Area be included in the Mt Aspiring National Park which is bad news for the deer as the National Park plan says no introduced species allowed. Sharon did ask about the Wapiti herd which is in a National Park and DOC agreed that the plan was quite extreme however there were board members that were Forest and Bird members/supporters and didn't want to see any deer at all in the National Park, so looks like we will need to be on top of this and get the Game Animal Council involved before the Mt Aspiring National Park plan is reviewed in the next 2 years.

Wanaka/ Upper Clutha Competition rematch

This was held on the 26th Nov. A huge thanks to Pam for scoring and those that completed, 9 attended from the Upper Clutha club and 7 from the Southern Lakes so we will try and arrange a date not so close to Xmas next time (It had been scheduled for June but die to sheep in the field, it got cancelled at the last minute)

Although forecast to rain the weather held out and it was a good day for the shoot with no wind. However sadly we lost the trophy again by about 70 points. Images below from the BBQ that completed the afternoon .

CORUF - Central Otago Recreational Users Forum

Alan is our representative. 
The minutes of their last meeting were sent - the main point of interest is that they too also submitted a WARO (Wild Animal Recovery Operations) submission which supported the points we raised too 
Images are Waro maps 15 showing the Nevis area and are below and after the review - note black areas were new proposals

WARO -  (Wild Animal Recovery Operations) results 

The results of the proposals arrived on the day of the meeting so the committee had not had a chance to read it so it was not fully discussed.

HOWEVER it is really important to read and understand this as this effects a number of our local hunting areas, if you want to chat to someone about it, Pete Henderson is all over the changes to the Nevis valley.

This is the email we received from DOC and because submissions close 31st Jan, I will include a longer email with the issues before then again 

Tēnā koutou
Following the June/July 2018 WARO land access consultation, the Department has reviewed its land access recommendations for the new national wild animal recovery operations (WARO) concession.  As a result, some location specific WARO land recommendations have changed.
People or groups who provided comment during the June/July 2018 consultation round now have the opportunity to comment on the revised land recommendations where these have changed from the initial draft recommendation, before they to the decision-maker. 
These revised recommendations are listed in the attached word document, which has space for your comment. All land access recommendations have been mapped and are available on the DOC website at under the section ‘November 2018 further consultation’.  Scroll in on the maps to see better detail.
A brief information sheet is attached to help answer any questions you may have and to explain the reasoning for some land recommendations.
We are also contemplating moving South Island WARO Roar closure dates for ‘Permitted’ (green) areas from 23 March – 9 April (plus Easter when it falls outside these dates) to 29 March – 15 April (plus Easter when it falls outside these dates) to better align with the actual Roar. Your feedback is invited on this proposal. The Roar dates for ‘Permitted’ locations within Kahurangi National Park would remain unchanged as these are set by bylaws.
Note, comment can only be considered for the locations in the attached document  (i.e. locations where there has been a change to the draft recommendations) or on the proposed South Island standard Roar closure dates.
Please send feedback to .
This must be received by 5.00 pm, 31 January 2019 in order to be considered.
Kind regards
WARO national review panel
Department of Conservation
Waro Info

"Deer as pests?" .....  IMPORTANT READING

Are you may be aware that the Otago Regional Council has put out their proposed pest management plan.

They are proposing to add deer to the list of pests.

This is the link to the ORC proposed plan
Proposal link
Submissions are to be made by the 14th December 2018

It is not hard to write a submission (really it's just some words voicing your opinions) and we need lots of them

You can either write in or complete the form on this link in the button below

Ideas on points to raise:

The Wild Animal Control Act 1977 already regulates and empowers DOC to manage this, Inclusion means same status as rabbits and stoats and does not recognise the significance of deer to local hunters and communities.

The Game Animal Council is a stautory body that has a role to manage game animal, including it as a pest is not recognising this statutory body

Any other supporting thoughts you have 

Summarise that Feral deer have value to the community as game animal resource and capable of being managed by other statutory bodies and that the designation as pest is inappropriate.

Finalise by asking for deer to be removed off the proposed pest list 

If you can email us a copy just for our records, that would be awesome too
Submit here

Correspondence out:-

We applied successfully for the Mountain Scene advertising grant so you may have noticed our advert in the paper for a few weeks

Vice Presidents Report

Nathan was unable to attend so Brendon took the meeting and talked about the Goat Cull on Coronet Peak Station which happened at the weekend

Goat Cull Coronet Peak Station

We had a total of 18 members in the end and shot 80 goats, more photos still to come - send them in 
I'm sure the boys will relay a few stories at the BBQ and sounds like everyone had fun
Below Katie Dugan with one of her "confirmed"

Secretaries Report

Eyre Mountain Hut maintenance

Sharon met with Rob Brown (who helps looks after the outdoor consortium hut funds) and in conversation he said they would need some people to help repair some of the huts in the Eyre Mountains, so I said we have builders and volunteers available, what we struggle with, is people to do the application process so he said he could take care of that for us. So in the new year we can look at a working bee (and hunting trip) to the Eyre Mountains and the many huts in there

Help required

We have quite a bit going on with the club at the moment, some of which is listed below.

If you are keen to learn and help, please let Sharon know
  • Otago Regional Council submissions
  • WARO submissions
  • Tahr foundation in Mt Cook
  • Whitetail deer and Mt Aspiring National Park plan
  • South Island Access Group - Crag work
  • Range proposals 
  • DOC and Mt Creighton coming online
  • Fundraisers - A&P show in Jan
  • Hut maintenance Caples, Greenstone, Steele Creek, Eyre Mountains
  • Club events etc

Treasurers Report

Balance is $48,927 as of the meeting (subscription payments to Head Office and heli costs have recently come out)
Hut taking since last meeting $1225 plus school booking of $350 from Otago Girls

Bills to pay:-

  • Create me media website hosting $157.75
  • DOC management fees for huts in Caples and Greenstone $287
  • note we get the $1000 for each hut waived when we show we have done stoat trap work
  • Southern Planning group for consultation about range $1056.85
  • Accommodation for Unwin Lodge $60 to cover safety person who didn't hunt

Motion to pay above forwarded by Al Gay and seconded by Katie Dugan

Stoat Trap Update

We still need volunteers to help with the traps in Steele Creek - great fishing from the hut if you are keen to stay up there a few days, we have a GPS you can borrow to find the traps and anyone interested please let us know
Also if you are keen to know more about the Predator Free stuff check out the local PF Arrowtown group that are always looking for help with their traps 

We are also a member of the website where anyone can join to see the progress and kills of a group to see how they are doing. Why not check out the groups in your neighbourhood?

General Business

  • Jacques has organised a hunting trip to South Africa in 2020 and if anyone wants to join him, let him know 027 680 0577
  • It was raised if we should join the Chamber of Commerce or to find out if it was worth joining as they may be able to help with some of our access and funding issues, Sharon agreed to find out and report back

Mount Cook Tahr Hunt

This was the weekend it snowed most of the week so the guys that intended to head in via helicopter cancelled in the end. Probably a good call as Avalanche risk was high for the areas they were going to access.

However the Unwin Lodge based crew still headed up on the Friday evening and arrived to snow on the ground at the lodge. The sun came out Saturday so the groups decided to head off at noon on the Saturday. A very civilized morning with cooked breakie all round before heading out in 3 separate groups.

Shauns group saw tahr on the other side of the glacier lake but none shot, Pete Henderson headed up hill and shot 2, and Jacques group headed to the Hooker Valley and also sucessfully shot 2 tahr

A huge thanks to Shaun for organising the weekend and we have made a tentative booking for the same dates next year 8th - 10th Nov.
Although discussed in the meeting, sadly we can't do the same weekend as the marathon to get out of town and avoid the traffic issues as that is Canterbury anniversary weekend and Unwin lodge gets busy
More photos

Lake Hayes A&P show

This is our summer event where we fundraise and sell Venison Burgers. It's a fun day and a chance to chat and meet new members while serving food. No experience needed.
We will need volunteers to help on the day so if you are able to help either for the day or early in the morning collecting the food or around 4pm to put the marquee etc down, please email the club or text Katie Dugan on 021 181 1569

ALSO did you know there are a few categories in the Home Industries that didn't have many entries last year, (Blokes only!) so why not enter? 
Full details on the Lake Hayes Website or download a copy of the categories HERE

Sponsored by Sky City
All Category winners will receive a voucher to be used at the Wild Thyme restaurant at Sky City.
The overall winner will be awarded the Sky City QT Cup.
  • 217 Pie (sweet or savoury).
  • 218 Working blokes packed lunch.
  • 219 Using only No 8 Wire - make a useful utensil for your home or garden.

Bring a friend 

Now that we have a great venue, feel free to bring any friends to the club night meetings you think may be interested in joining.

No charge to attend their first meeting

Club Contacts

General Enquiries

021 942 328

Bank Account
ASB: 12-3405-0071329-00



Nathan Wise 021 792 010

Vice President 

Brendon Colemore Williams  021 671 000


Roger Slow 027 281 3571


Sharon Salmons  021 942 328


Melissa Jager  027 392 3692

Tenur Review Officers

Alan Mackie  03 448 6536
Shaun Molony   027 442 1605

Hunts course Co-ordinators

Peter 'Dodgy' Henderson  
NOTE new number 020 4144 9272
Shaun Moloney
Paul Dayman 

Stoats Traps

Simon Brackstone
Roger Slow

Hut Bookings   021 942 328

Online booking available

Club Hunt Co-ordinators

Andy Pedley   021 606 545
Jonno Greer 027 450 7411

Trophy Custodian

Alex Ritchie 021 0248 7086
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