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Investing together in Canada’s social R&D capacity

McConnell News
2019 | No. 9

For decades, Canada has reaped the benefits of investment in traditional research and development (R&D), which helps develop new products and services, boost economic performance and create jobs. 

What’s been missing is a similar investment in social R&D to bring new capacities to people and groups who are addressing complex challenges like poverty, inequality, climate change and others.

Now, through the Investment Readiness Program, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and the McConnell Foundation are making a $2 million investment in building Canada’s social R&D field.

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Buying positive outcomes for tough social problems

“Can a little-known practice called 'outcomes purchasing' generate solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges? We believe the answer is yes,” write Jeff Cyr, co-founder and managing partner of Raven Indigenous Capital Partners, and Stephen Huddart, President and CEO of the McConnell Foundation in their recent op-ed in Policy Options. 
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Compassion is contagious with PLUS1

PLUS1 partners with live events to mobilize support for positive social change. Matching artists with impactful organizations, PLUS1 adds $1 to each ticket sold and gives away 100% of the money raised to the chosen causes.
“PLUS1 doesn’t just mean ‘plus one dollar’ — it’s about bringing along another person, inviting them to be your ‘plus-one,’ says Marika Shaw, Founder and CEO of the organization.
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Accounting for cost savings of long term social investments

Investing in a healthy society can have huge up-front costs, but it also creates important long term savings, says McMaster economist Jeremiah Hurley. Currently, however, there is no way for governments to report on intangible assets like healthy citizens or longevity. 

To address this, Hurley is working to change budgeting processes so that they lay out — with supporting evidence — the long-term economic and social costs and benefits of such investments.
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Six stories of social innovation in Quebec

From making healthy school lunches affordable for all students to pioneering tools for social real estate, social innovation in Quebec is rich and diverse. This article offers a glimpse into six organizations that have developed new models that may be inspiring to those working in the sector.
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The McConnell Foundation is currently recruiting a Senior Program Officer to join its team on a full-time, permanent basis. The primary focus of this position will be to work on Indigenous issues and we encourage Indigenous candidates to apply.

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