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A message from Foundation President and CEO Stephen Huddart

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2019 | No. 10

You’ve made us realize that it is time for a rethink, and for courageous action.  
The full extent of the climate emergency and the implications for the future of civilization are becoming clearer by the day. Our children are telling us that the answer lies in massive decarbonization. But what mindset will bring this about? 
We have work to do, and the path ahead is becoming clearer… Canada’s social sector is embarking on wholesale and historic renewal. We’ve won the unfettered freedom to engage in non-partisan policy advocacy, and a panel of experienced leaders is working with the Canada Revenue Agency to modernize governance of the sector. 
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Transition 2020: How can we be good ancestors?

In a two-part series, the Foundation’s Jayne Engle explores themes of tragedy, trust and transformation, to bring us some bold yet practical “transition pathways” for the decade ahead. Part I is a perspective on tragedies — of the current moment, of the commons, of the horizon, and of declining trust — and it questions some of our deepest societal assumptions. Part II proposes transformation: three dimensions of change required with 20 pathways for transition in the 2020s.
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Update from WellAhead

New Opportunities for K-12 Workplace Wellbeing

Stress and burnout among educators and principals is on the rise. This is not only a major issue for K-12 staff. Other consequences include increased costs for education systems and to decreases in student wellbeing and academic achievement. WellAhead has been tackling this issue for the past two years. Their latest announcements include:
  • Launch of the Well At Work site by our partner, EdCan Network. Well at Work gives schools and school districts the tools they need to improve working conditions for the long term. This site provides resources in a variety of formats including tip sheets, podcasts, and personal stories.
  • Pan-Canadian Summit on K-12 Workplace Wellbeing.
    Save the date for a national learning event focused on actionable strategies for advancing wellbeing of teachers, staff and leaders. All interested changemakers and stakeholders are invited to Edmonton May 11-13. Full agenda and registration available in January 2020.
  • New insights on how to communicate about teacher and staff wellbeing for greater buy-in. WellAhead worked with Avalanche Strategy on a large-scale survey to better understand the attitudes of educators and the general public on this issue. We shared our insights on how to talk about this issue in a more persuasive way. Click here to learn more.

Perspectives on Reconciliation: A Summer Institute

As Senator Murray Sinclair, formerly of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, has said, “Education got us into this, and education will get us out.” Last summer, as part of our efforts to work with Canada’s Colleges and Universities to help them advance Reconciliation, we co-hosted an “Institute on Reconciliation” in Yukon Territory. 

We’re very pleased to share the final report which highlights the principles and values necessary for reconciliation, identifies factors for supporting and accelerating change, offers a critical reflection on some of the barriers to change, and includes specific examples of reconciliation in practice.

Final Report: Canada Food Brand Project

Canada aspires to be the world’s most trusted and sustainable food supplier and create economic success from doing so. Exactly how to achieve this is the issue. The Canada Food Brand Project’s final report engaged nearly 600 food system stakeholders to find out.

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