22nd June - not online in the usual way

Robert is scheduled to hold the dance for Monday 22nd June...
But it will NOT be a zoom session!!

This is the link
7.30pm to 8.45pm 
donation set by yourself

Robert writes - I'm wearing two 'hats' writing this: one is a holding tonight's space and the other 'hat' being organiser for the Collective.

First: this Monday for a variety of reasons I decided to not go the Zoom route. Instead I am offering you what I've been doing almost every week since the end of March: upload a session to my Mixcloud page which allows you to stream and dance to when you want. The session for tonight will be available to all later.

Of course, this means no online connecting with others tonight, so I suggest that, if you can, arrange to meet with other dancers somewhere outside and dance together to the mix.
I tried to get access to some private land for tonight so that those who wanted to could meet and dance together — at a suitable distance, of course. However, it just didn't come together in time.

If you want to connect with others organise a small gathering yourself and use the session to dance to.
This again is the link to what I've called Midsummer Dance Session. It's about 75 minutes long and I had in mind the atmosphere of being at the Civic Hall when making it.
(I have already uploaded it, though currently it is available only to those who support me through 'Mixcloud Select'.
I'll make it available for general streaming this evening.)

If you feel to donate something you can via the usual link (see below). If you want bank details rather than using PayPal let me know. Donate c/o this PayPal link:

Now, wearing the 'hat' as organiser for the Collective

Regarding PayPal transactions: whenever you send a PayPal amount I would rather you did transfers as 'Friends and Family' otherwise PayPal take a cut on each transaction — the fee PP take is more intended for cover against things going wrong when purchasing online sales. It is really not necessary for our dance events so please get into the habit of sending without fees being deducted - thanks! :-)

Can you let me know how you are getting on with the amount of emails I am now sending: each week!
Each week several people unsubscribe; over the last 3 months this has added up. I haven't liked seeing this and have felt a little dispirited writing emails. As each week has new registration info, I have to send that out but then find people leaving as they don't want an email each week. It's just developed this way as none of us knew how long this online situation would last.
If you really object to emails each week let me know how often you want to receive them. I may be able to create another list for people who want an email once a month.
And, how are you getting on with Zoom ?— or not getting on with it?
Is there something that you'd like the Collective to be doing that we are not currently addressing?
If you have thoughts on this do please let me know...

Let me know too if and how you make your own arrangements for this evening. I apologise that my plan to organise space for some of us to meet in person didn't work out.
Enjoy your evening!


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