St Patrick's Parish Newsletter: 14/11/18
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VOLUME 20 ~ 14th November 2018

Term 4 Week 5

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A big thank you to everyone for the fete, my first as principal and it was great to see everyone having fun. A special thank you to all those people behind the scenes who helped to pull it all together and on the night no job was too big or small and everyone just got stuck in.

As we do with our teaching we are always looking at ways to improve, not because we are not good, but because we can always do better. If you have ideas on how we can improve the fete or something that you would like to see, we would love to hear from you.

Kindergarten 2019

Yesterday we welcomed the 2019 Kindergarten students to school for the first time in the Learning Centre without Mum and Dad and it was a positive experience for them. Whilst the children were busy, the Mums and Dads gathered in the hall to receive information on our school and the services we offer.

School Council 2019

I understand that traditionally the School Council holds it elections in December. I have some concerns around this. Only those parents who are paying school fees can be nominated and as such we eliminate our new Kindergarten families and any other families new to the school. I have proposed to the School Council Executive that we permanently move the election to February.

Remembrance Day 2019

On Sunday as a Nation we paused to reflect, celebrate and give thanks to women and men who have and continue to keep our great country safe. We were represented at the Remembrance Day Service at St Matthews where Mrs Allibon and our Year 6 Leaders laid a wreath. Later in the day Mr Unsworth and two more of our leaders formed a Guard of Honour for the Soldiers and Dignitaries at the service at the Pioneer Cemetery. On Monday we had a very moving service for the whole school.

Pickup and Drop off at School

We continue to be staggered by the actions of few parents with respect to pick up and drop off. This week we had a visit from the Albury City Road Council Safety Officer who observed the pick up. Some of the things she observed, included people Jaywalking across the road, in one case with two children and walking between two buses across 4 lanes of traffic. Another parent with 4 children under 7 walk across the road almost being hit by a car. Parents double parking and then calling children. I have said it before, you are the models that your children are seeing and for many it is a very poor model.

Please make sure that everyone who collects children uses the lights to cross, please make sure that Nans and Pops know this. I understand that in NSW you can be fined $71 for jaywalking and more if you are a repeat offender. If you can read between the lines, you will not be surprised to see this being heavily policed in the very near future.

Teachers for 2019


At Mass last weekend we heard this story from Mark’s Gospel (12:38-44):

“Many rich men came to the Temple and gave a lot of money. Then a poor widow came and gave two small copper coins. Jesus said to his disciples, ‘This poor widow has given more than all the others. The others gave what they had to spare; but she gave all she had.”

Family Prayer

Lord God,

Everything we have is because of your generosity. Teach us gratitude and generosity.


First Reconciliation News

This evening the Year 2 children and their families will enjoy a social evening with Fr Joel. A picnic tea will be enjoyed by all and then the fun will begin with a game of soccer with Fr Joel. Looking forward to catching up for a chat.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation will be received by the Year 2 Reconciliation candidates next Wednesday evening, 21st November. Please keep the children and their families in your prayers.

November is the month of the Holy Souls. We remember and pray for all the people we love who have died.




The Liturgical Season of Advent begins on 2nd December and ends on 24th December, Christmas Eve.


Curried Sausages & Rice over the counter at recess & lunch. $2 bowl. 

     Tuckshop Roster 2018             
Tuckshop Price List 
Reusable Lunch Bag Order
PSSA Sport Buses leave school at 9.10am 
Touch football for all juniors and seniors will be held at Jelbart Park
Cricket is at various venues. Click here for draw. 
School softball and t-ball is held at Lambert and Aloysius Parks.
Tennis is held at the Albury grasscourts.

Congratulatulations to a  former student, Chelsea Blissett, on her selection in the Melbourne Women’s Soccer team, playing the top level of women’s soccer in Australia alongside international stars from all over the world. A fantastic effort Chelsea. 
Year 4 Excursion to Burrowa-Pine Mountain National Park
Last week, Year 4 visited Burrowa-Pine Mountain National Park to learn more about why we have national parks, what they are and how we protect the fauna and flora within them. It was a very interesting learning experience and a strenuous trek! We’d like to thank the parents who were able to help out on the day - Robert Oliver, Scott Langheim, Jess Royal, Emily Clarke and Amy Vaccaro. A special thank you to Kelton Goyne for being our guide on the day and teaching us so much.
Holy Spirit School Maths Relay
On Thursday 1st November twelve Year 6 students competed in a Maths Relay hosted by Holy Spirit School. A number of schools participated from Albury and Wodonga and the teams comprised of a mix of 4 children from these schools. 
We are extremely proud of the way our children represented St Pat’s. They worked cooperatively with peers they had not met before and attempted each task positively and confidently.
 We would like to take this opportunity to thank Matt Kean, Principal of Holy Spirit, Maree Brosolo (Targeting Maths Teacher - HSS) and all the staff involved in organising this event. It was a credit to their school. 
We would also like to thank all the parents who gave up their time to transport children to and from the relay. St Patrick’s is very fortunate to have a community of dedicated and supportive parents. A huge thank you to Gillian Wallace and David Lowry for being markers during the event. 
Finally, I would also like to thank Rob for transporting some of our children to HSS and staying to support our team. 
To conclude we asked our participants to record what their highlights of the relay was and what they learnt about Maths. These were their responses:
 Elli Lowry:  Highlights
  1. working with others from different schools
  2. mixed questions ( easyish and hard)
  3. as even as possible
  4. friendly people, Happy to be there
  5. icypoles
  1. that albury public put their best people in
  2. that every one is good at maths 
Fergus Cochrane:
I really enjoyed the Border Math Relay.     Highlights
  1. I really enjoyed working with other people from other schools
  2. Most of the questions had a lot of problem solving
  3. Everyone had an equal part of work
I learnt square roots
I learnt a lot more about division
 Hudson Sykes:
I Learnt:
to work with people better some math strategies you cant do things on your own
I met people i didn't know
We solved problems as a team
We got zooper doopers after
I got to meet some high school students we will meet next year
The running part was fun and when you got questions right you got marks which could go towards a medal.
It was fun working with other people than your own school.
 Oscar Wallace:
 1. I thought it was good to be in groups with people from different schools
2. everyone would have a go at runner
3. everyone would get a go at solving problems
1.That it takes everyone to solve the math sum
2. I learnt triangular numbers
 Alex Vanderpol:
I really liked how we went in groups with different school so i could meet new people.
I enjoyed the questions because they were a challenge
also the icy pole at the end was very nice and refreshing.
I LEARNT ......
The questions were really challenging so my teammates were able to help me learn and understand.
I also learnt that we had to work as a group and  use each others strengths to answer questions .
 Lauren Bowden:
Thank you for organising for us to go to the math relay! i had a great time.
I loved working with the other schools and helping each other understand.
I liked the idea of having the runner to check your answers as you go.
I liked that we got an ice pole after.
I liked that the winners got medals (even though I didn't get one :}
that it is more fun to do things with the other schools.
that everyone has different strengths with math.
 Emerson Pearce:
1. Meeting new people from others schools
2. Working questions out together
 Things In Learnt
1. About math I didn't know such as multiplying decimals
2. That a timer puts more pressure on you when you do math
Music Count Us In and Cultural Assembly.  A fantastic celebration of music & dance. More photos on our galleries page of the website. 
WEDNESDAY'S  2.15 - 3.15PM. 
If you are unable to make it at this time please send a note to the office with uniform requirements.
We have pre-loved uniform items. The only new items are school hats and school bags.

                   RE:  UPGRADE TO SCHOOL STREAM APP
Dear Parents,
We are looking forward to the new School Stream update being released on the Apple and Google Play Store.
Please check that you update the app when it’s released. You can even set your phone’s app updates to automatic. Here are the instructions for the Apple App Store ( and the Google Play Store (
To get the most out of the app features we do recommend creating an account so you can easily manage the content the school sends through.
To create an account, go to the side menu via the top-left corner and click on "Log-in". This is a quick and easy process that will require your first and last name, and a mobile number, email, or Facebook account authorisation.
Once you have created your account, you will be able to access all of the new app features.

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