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March 2019

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Footscray Park Bowling Club

April 2019

Belgian Ale

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Dear Westgaters,
It's becoming a bit monotonous announcing that Michael Bowron was
the only one amongst us, who placed at Melbourne Brewers Beerfest. Michael, as a club life member, is pretty much picking up from where

he left off, last year. For those that remember, Michael won the clubs competition Hero trophy (for the most wins in external competitions in a calendar year) and he's off and running again with his wins, last month. Massive congratulations, Michael. That Schwartzbier is definitely the gift that keeps on giving. And knowing Michael, he always brings a couple of bottles along of most of his "good stuff", so keep an eye out. 

Unfortunately, despite our requests, not too many Westgate members entered the Amber Ale category with the Mountain Goat Fancy Pants clone. I did enter mine, however, and it came midfield which was indicative of where it placed in the club competition.

The set recipe competition/Mountain Goat Fancy Pants clone was one of the best set recipe competitions that the club has run. We were very lucky that Josh, from Mountain Goat, was able to come down and help judge the competition. He started the day well with a club supplied (read Ferg supplied the best snag ever from his amazing butcher at Footscray Market) Large continental sausage, in a roll. We then added him to the judging panel. In a different way. All the beers were judged under the AABC guidelines of American Amber Ale and then Josh gave them all a score out of ten, that was added to the original score to produce a winner. Despite his protestations that his beer looked like "pond water", the competition was won by Grant Morley. This goes to show that looks are only worth the 3 points but flavour, mouthfeel and aroma are where it is at. Mountain Goat kindly supplied some beers to taste, on the day, as well as some hats and an amazing $100 bar tab for the Mountain Goat tap room (which Grant reckons he will use to ply his builders, whilst his own Brewery, is getting built). Massive thanks must go to Ian Morgan, head brewer at The Goat for very generously helping us with the recipe and then making sure that Josh, a representative was there on the day. Josh was a great bloke and certainly enjoyed his time with us.

This coming Sundays meeting will be a talk. Recently there was a case where some commercial beers have been pulled from sale and in one instance, a can exploded in a bar managers hand. This talk is a timely one. I hope to cover a few basics as well as a few simple tests that you can do at home to see if your beer is ready to package. Most of it will be informative for everyone regardless of their level of brewing experience. There are some simple things that you can do at home to ensure that your beer is safe to package and won't cause gushing beer, off flavours or more importantly, bottle bombs. The talk will commence around 1.30 pm. BYO BBQ lunch and some beer to share, as per usual.

Next months competition is Belgian Ale. If yours is ready to go, please also consider adding it into the Yarra Valley brewers Belgian Beerfest which is Saturday April 6th. Also, Merri Mashers IPA comp is on Sunday, March 24. Entries for this close Saturday but you can enter online and drop it off at the venue. See the Merri Mashers website ( ) to enter. It would be good to see some more entries from Westgate member than the usual suspects. Support these clubs as they support our club when it comes to Stout Extravaganza.

Club shirts are finally on the go. For all those that have contacted me and made payment, I thank you. For anyone that is eligible, this Sunday gives you one final window. Please see me.

That's about enough from me.
See you Sunday



Congratulations to Michael Bowron who scored our only points at Beerfest with a 1st for his Weissbier and a 3rd for his Doppelbock.

We had eight individual brewers enter the comp and all of them should be congratulated. 
Merri Mashers IPA Comp

Get your entries quick as they need to be in by Saturday morning. 

Belgian Beerfest 
Entries are due by 30th March.

Monthly Raffle 
Meat Tray!

See you all on Sunday

April 2019


15.1 - Saison

15.2 - Biere de Garde

15.3 - Trappist Single

15.4 - Belgian Blonde Ale 

15.4 - Belgian Blond Ale

15.5 - Belgian Dubbel

15.6 - Belgian Tripel

15.7 Belgian Golden Strong Ale

15.8 - Belgian Dark Strong Ale

June 2019


10.1 - Tropical Stout

10.2 - Foreign Extra Stout

10.3 - American Stout

10.4 - Imperial Stout


Competitor Placings
  August October November February May June Score
Grant Morley 3rd 2nd   1st     6
Dawn Van Bruchem 1st 3rd 3rd       5
Chris Speck   1st         3
Fergus McGregor
    1st       3
Dan Williams 2nd           2
Walter Medenbach
    2nd       2
Neal Kavanagh       2nd     2
Paul Rigby       3rd     1
*Only paid up members receive points. Late payment will result in no points scored until after payment is received.
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A family membership entitles the member to bring family to the AGM and Christmas party at no additional cost. Each single and family membership includes a single social club membership to the FPBC with the associated membership privileges.


Single membership $50

Family membership $60

Payable to the treasurer or to the club account:

Account name: Westgate Brewers Club Inc

BSB: 063240

A/c no: 10635967

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Style Guidelines 

AABC Style Guidelines:
2017 Australian Amateur Brewing Championship Style Guidelines (AABC)

BJCP Style Guidelines:
Beer Judge Certification Program 2015 Style Guidelines (BJCP)


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