Hey <<First Name>> ,


How’s your novel coming along?


First-time writers always tell me: writing a novel is way harder than they imagined...


Chances are, you have a vague idea of where you want your novel to go... but you just can’t get your vision onto the page.


Maybe you’re getting bogged down in writer’s block.


Or maybe you’re rewriting the same sections over and over again...


Even worse, publishing today is more competitive than ever. Getting a book deal is hard — especially for first-time authors. 


If you wanna make it in this industry, you really have to knock people’s socks off.


How do you knock people’s socks off? The best way is by focusing on 3 key elements in your story.


They’re sort of like the “bones” of your novel, because your novel just won’t hold up without them.


If you’re not satisfied with what you’ve written so far, then chances are, you’ve gotten the “bones” wrong.


I explain everything right here.

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