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Notice of construction work in Mossvale Hall
The flooring in the corridor, all toilets and corridor cupboards in the Mossvale Hall will be replaced from Monday 4th November for approximately one week. The back door and toilets will not be in use during this time.

Because of the potential for noise and dust, some groups are off this week and the church sanctuary will be used for Baby Sensory and Slimming World, and the bathroom outside the creche.

Notice of closure of the Mossy Cafe
The Mossy Cafe will be closed to the general public on Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 6th, Friday 8th, Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th November. Normal service will resume on Friday 15th November at 10am.
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03.11.19 Message from Madeline Orr

Comparison or similarly jealousy is maybe something that we don’t want to admit we struggle with. But the truth is we are all at fault for doing this pretty much on a daily basis. Sometimes we may not even realise that we are doing it. It is an earthly trait. In recent years it has also become more apparent due to the likes of social media. We are constantly comparing, as we scroll through other peoples glamorous lifestyles and we think they have it all together. We zoom in and breakdown aspects of these people online lives and then begin to question our own.
It’s not just social media too. We find ourselves doing it everywhere: perhaps at school, or parents in the playground or maybe even in your place of work. I think sometimes we have to realise that not everybody has it all. We need to learn to admire other people’s successes and beauty without questioning our own. Romans 3.23 says that we all fall short of God’s glorious standard. We need to start recognising that God created us all to be unique and that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others.
Another thing which can encourage comparison is competition. And competition can be a good thing. Where you take a look at what you’re up against which then in turn motivates you to do better.  On the other hand there is a line where competition can turn into envy or jealousy. James, chapter 3 verse 16, For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind.’
Throughout the bible there are many stories where we can see jealousy. Cain and Abel, Joseph and his brothers, even  Jesus’ journey - the Pharisees and the Sadducees were envious of his great power.
I want to speak about sisters Rachel and Leah. Genesis chapter 29.  Jacobs love for Rachel was obvious, but how did this make her sister Leah feel. I think it’s safe to say that she felt undesired, unwanted, pushed aside and left to watch and look on as Jacob and Rachel’s relationship flourish.

The jealousy that stirred inside of Leah drove her to trying everything she could to win her husband’s affections. Leah  gives birth to Jacobs’s first son and she named him Reuben, which means the Lord has noticed my misery and now my husband will love me. But nothing changes. She conceives again, and she names him Simeon ‘The Lord heard that I was unloved and has given me another son’. But nothing was changing. She bore him another son probably thinking third time lucky, this time named Levi which means attached. She’s thinking maybe Jacob will become attached to me I mean after all we have three sons. But what she’s doing is she’s settling for less. She’s not even looking for him to love her anymore she’s just looking for him to be attached to her.  
The comparisons and jealousy within Leah became toxic and it drove her to plummeting to low self esteem and having low self worth. This is what we do. When we constantly compare ourselves to others, never measuring up and that feeling of inadequacy. Perhaps we are looking in the wrong places. Looking to the world for acceptance, self worth and purpose is not going to fulfil us. So let’s change our mindset today. Who do we need to look to for acceptance?
Leah eventually had an awakening. In the final verse of Chapter 29, she conceives again but this time there is a shift. She names him Judah, which means praise and she says now I will praise the Lord.
Now she is no longer focusing on Jacob and how to allure him. She realised that her worth and her value comes not from man but from the Lord. and we can do this too. Instead of letting comparison and jealousy to rule our lives we need to let Jesus rule in hearts. Do as Hebrews 12,2 says fix your eyes on Jesus. Because he has a mighty purpose for your life.
We’ve looked at Leah’s jealousy and heartbreak, consider also, Rachel. She too was crippled with jealousy. Genesis 30 verse 1 “When Rachel saw that she was not bearing Jacob any children, she became jealous of her sister. So she said to Jacob, “Give me children, or I’ll die!”.  So her bitterness and jealousy begins to fester and consume her because that’s what jealousy does if it is not dealt with. It becomes overwhelming and drives you to desperation and to sometimes making hasty decisions.  And we also see that this has negative effects on the relationship between the sisters. Chapter 30 verse 8  then Rachel said, “I have had a great struggle with my sister, and I have won.”

But just as God had compassion for Leah and there was a turning point and a shift in her focus, God also had compassion for Rachel. We said earlier that jealousy was an earthly trait. And God doesn’t want us to be consumed by it. Verse 22 shows us that God gave Rachel a son and she named him Joseph.
Comparison is destructive. It ruins relationships and causes us individually to feel inadequate. Not good enough. Undesired. If you spend your time fixating on someone else’s blessing, you may just miss out on God’s blessing for you’. So look to God and be blessed.

Passion - God, You're So Good


We were delighted that Michelle Watt was awarded runner up Young Volunteer of the Year at the Renfrewshire Youth Voice "Positive About Youth Awards" last weekend. Michelle makes herself available for baby sitting, decorating, building flat packs and dog sitting amongst other things!

We appreciate all our volunteers and this just goes to show you are never too young to start serving at Mossvale and in your community. 
If you have had personal experience of domestic abuse, Jubilee House would like to welcome you to sign up for the Freedom Programme, facilitated by Lynn Smillie, founding Director of No Feart, a Community Interest Company set up to help address the issue of domestic violence.

The Freedom Programme has been successful in providing domestic abuse education, awareness, and information to help stop the cycle of domestic violence and abuse in people's lives. The course examines the roles played by attitudes and beliefs on the actions of abusive men and the responses of victims and survivors. The aim is to help them to make sense of, and understand what has happened to them instead of the whole experience just feeling like a horrible mess.

Course Participants often report they have experienced new found strength within themselves to ‘stop the cycle’ of abuse towards themselves and their children. They have went on to live free from abuse, improved mental wellbeing and formed healthy relationships.

The course is completely FREE for survivors of domestic violence and abuse to attend. Each course runs for approximately 12 weeks, and lasts for around 2 hours in length with tea and coffee provided.

The first course will run every Thursday in Paisley starting 14th November at 1pm. For further details email Lynn Smillie at or phone 07706754817
4th Nov 2019 






Devotional prayer time




5.30pm | 7.30pm



9.30am and
after the service



Devotional prayer meeting Tuesdays at 9.00am in the Group Room.

Sewing2gether All Nations
Sharing Lives
Sharing Languages

A weekly Sewing Workshop for English language learners to practice conversational English in a supportive environment.
We provide practical support for asylum seekers, refugees and new Scots.

A prayer meeting for the nation of Burkina Faso
and the work of Acacia Partnership Trust is held on the first Saturday
of each month in the Mossy Cafe at 9.30am. 

Pray for unity in 
the body of Christ
so that we will glorify God and so the world would know that God sent Jesus.

Street Connect is a Christian charity who reach out to and support disadvantaged and marginalised people, bringing them hope for a brighter and more fulfilling future. Their aim is to support and offer hope to individuals who are homeless, dealing with addictions, suffering mental health issues or experiencing social isolation, including people in prison or those with past convictions. 

They now have a drop-in café every Thursday in the Holy Trinity Church, Bishop’s Court, Paisley, PA3 2AF and would love for you to come in and see what they are doing. 
They are there every Thursday morning from 9.30 for prayer and then drop-in is from 10 am - 1 pm. 
They also run a Recovery Group from 1.30 - 3.00 pm for those who want to go further in their recovery.   

To find out more visit

Welcome to our latest regular hall users:
Care Visions Fostering. 

Their foster carers will be receiving regular support and training here at Mossvale. 

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer they would love to tell you more about it.
Baby Sensory Classes
Classes run in the Mossvale Hall on Tuesdays at 10am 11.30am and 1.30pm
and must be prebooked. 

Check out their website to enquire about attending.

Slimming World
in the Mossvale Hall

Thursday evenings
at 5.30pm & 7.30pm 
Provided FREE by Childcare First, for parents and children aged 0 -2
We need
your support.
Save the date! Friday 13th December 
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