What to do When Social Security Claim Is Denied
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What to do When Social Security Claim Is Denied

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Many claims for Social Security benefits are denied initially. This is usually the case when poor planning or improper preparations are made when attempting a claim for these monetary or insurance benefits.

Unfortunately, those who are filing for this assistance are in dire need of medical coverage or financial aid to pay for bills, treatment, everyday expenses and similar issues. In these situations of desperation, these individuals may turn to other sources of help. They ask themselves what are they to do when the claim is denied beforehand and may move in with friends or family if possible. 

When a person has the need for Social Security benefits, they regularly cannot work. Some may have been denied based on the premise they have the capacity to work, but chronic pain or fatigue may be limiting any type of gainful employment. This causes a delay in any type of disability or insurance benefits through the Social Security Administration. Making arrangements with friends and family often puts an undue strain on relationships as well as finances. It is difficult for working class individuals to take care of multiple persons with only one income. Denial of claims places some into destitute circumstances, and this may even lead to the death of some when medical emergency treatment cannot be paid for in any manner.

Unable to Work

Claims are denied despite the application explicitly explaining that work is not possible. The inability to work is what leads to many disability claims for Social Security benefits. In many cases of denial, it is not because the person is disabled or that the impairment is being challenged. These denials are based on documentation and the lack of supporting information in paperwork. This may be medical details, documents from health care facilities, reports of current and new issues and numerous other insufficient data provided. There may be many reasons for the denial to come through, but the main reason for these negative responses is a lack of documentation.

Even with qualifying disability impairments, the issues and conditions must be supported by records and paperwork. It is important to provide supplemental information for any and all conditions the applicant is currently or previously suffering from. Downplaying these impairments only provides the Social Security Administration the ammunition to give negative responses to claims. Only the full extent of what is actually occurring with the individual applying for benefits is sufficient. This information supplied should explain in full detail why the person is unable to seek or obtain gainful employment. Conditions should explain limitations in strength required for many jobs, restrictions for remaining in one position for long periods of time, the lack of understanding, hearing or seeing certain factors that allow the person to keep or maintain the employment as well as any limiting criteria of the impairment imposing upon any possible labor with a company.

Incorrect Information, Filing or Claim Details

Just as the details should be included that explain in full detail exactly what is occurring with the applicant to show the problem that is in process or previous issues, it is vital for a claim to have honest and accurate information. It is essential to read over all details in a methodical and analytical manner to ensure all incorrect data is discovered. Any part of the application filed with inaccuracies could cause a denial of the whole claim. However, an appeal may be attempted to illuminate any erroneous insertions. If the application contains dishonest information, these are usually easily determined through the examination and research behind the analysis of the submission. Details may be extensive about conditions, impairments and ailments, but they should not be complete lies or fictitious. 

Limitations of Disability for Certain Factors 

Various factors may cause a claim to fail just based on that specific criteria. One such factor may be the age of the applicant. Often when the person applying is under 50, the Social Security Administration believes the person should not be attempting a claim unless he or she is disabled. Often, this means the claimant must provide additional or supplemental data about conditions and the inability to obtain gainful employment even more so than those that are already over the age of 50. 

It is important to keep a current claim and not file a new one even when the disability or insurance claim was denied. Unfortunately, the request may be denied again if any incorrect information is not corrected, there is no supplemental or additional information about medical issues previously lacking or the application is not updated by the person submitting for various new requests. 

Legal Assistance for Claims

It is important in many instances to contact legal representation in order to understand why the claim was denied. These individuals are often able to explain what to do next and how to appeal the decision.


Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer. For specific technical or legal advice on the information provided and related topics, please contact the author.
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