September 2015


We are proud to present our newsletter, where you get an update on our activities, achievements and other news concerning BON. In the future we’ll keep you informed by sending the BON Newsletter every 2 months. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to ask, you can send us an e-mail to

BON Founding Fathers and Members
It’s great to see how the number of BON Founding Fathers and members is growing every week. You can find the complete list on our new website.

And we´re live…
We have been working hard to establish more ways to communicate and interact, and are happy to announce that our website is now live! Please visit us at: where you can find all the information about projects, news and ourselves. We are also pleased to announce that the Spanish version of the website is now available which will help us with our vision of connecting the complete supply chain, including with the Spanish-speaking suppliers from Latin America and Spain. 

Growing inside n’ out!
We are growing! For a few weeks now, we are glad to introduce a new team member in BON: Anika Luna. Learn more about our new member here. Additionally we now have multiple ambassadors spreading our vision around the world.

A Starting Sounding Buzz
In the 37 edition of De Bloemisterij an extensive article was issued introducing Benefits of Nature. In this article, Karin van der Eijk from VDE Plant and Jan Benninga from LEI also contribute with their perspectives of BON. Be sure to read the interesting article!

First Step: A measurement that matters
We’ve been telling that the result of the Life Cycle Analyses is a complete footprint of the company, its processes and its products. This footprint has a certain value, the Environmental Costs Indicator (ECI), which is expressed in Euros. How does this work? The footprinting application calculates many different impact categories, like carbon emissions, toxicity and depletion of resources. These categories can’t be added up the way they are: they need a certain weighing. One way of doing this is monetization, in which each category gets a value assigned to them. In the case of the ECI, these are calculated using a so-called shadow price method. The resulting price shows what it would cost to cancel the effects of the environmental impact, using current day technology.

The results from the first footprint calculation are promising. The output shows which utilities, materials, processes and products contribute most to the total environmental impact. Now, decisions can be made based on real data instead of on generalized assumption. Another interesting result is that the used method makes it possible to show the impact reduction due to green solutions such as recirculation and cogeneration.  

Most importantly: the results give the entrepreneur insight into the buildup of the environmental impact, which lead to more transparency, more efficiency and higher profitability.

15 minutes of Sustainability with Johannes Tuinhof
For our newsletter we interviewed Johaness Tuinhof, Commercial Director of Horticoop, who welcomed us in Horticoop´s headquarters located in Bleiswijk. BON Founding Father cooperative Horticoop is a more than 100-year-old organization with 850 members who collaborate towards a conscious organization of and for horticulture. Horticoop has set in a decisive and ambitious mission to become a “total supplier” by becoming a strategic partner of growers. Their define route towards achieving this is accompanied and enabled by three areas of sustainable development: collaboration, co-creation of value and sustainable innovation.

In our interview with Johaness we discussed issues of sustainability, cooperation and knowledge sharing within Horticoop, as well as understanding how the organization´s sustainability mission meets and intertwines with BON.  

The most important change in the future supply chain will be an increase in trust in each others intentions and the willingness to cooperate and collaborate. Your organization states the importance of the ‘benefits of nature’, but in the cooperation and the supply chain there should be a benefit of… for everybody. It can be ‘of nature’, but it can also be ‘of profit’ or ‘of society’.”

Read the complete interview here.

What’s next?

  • Having done our first footprint measurement with pot plants, we will start a calculation project for cut flowers. 
  • We are very excited to launch the first BON co-creation project in collaboration with retailers and several participants. Coming very soon, expect news about it in the next newsletter.
  • In our next newsletter… an interview with one of our Founding Fathers.

Thank you for reading and we wish you a very nice and sunny autumn! 

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