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Screws, Packers, U-Shape & Handle Stock Clearance

Concrete (7.5mm) screws: 60mm: $25.00e Ex (x83pcs)
Concrete (7.5mm) screws: 42mm: $20.00e Ex (x17pcs)
Upvc screws 4.8x25mm: $22.75e Ex (Crazy Special, x13pcs)
Upvc screws 4.0x35mm: $16.50e Ex (Reduced from $27e, x16pcs)
Upvc screws 4.8x50mm: $17.00e Ex (Crazy Special, x19pcs)
REO (3.9mm) screws 13mm: $12.00e Ex (Crazy Special, x8pcs)
REO (3.9mm) screws 16mm: $13.50e Ex (Crazy Special, x20pcs)
REO (3.9mm) screws 25mm: $16.00e Ex (Crazy Special, x 6pcs)
REO (3.9mm) screws 28mm: $15.00e Ex (Crazy Special, x10pcs)
REO (3.9mm) screws 32mm: $17.50e Ex (Crazy Special, x21pcs)
REO (3.9mm) screws 3.5/4.2x38mm: $9.75e Ex (Crazy Special, x12pcs)
Stainless Pan Heads 6.3x90/70mm (Crazy Special, $16.25e Ex, x7pcs) &
6.3x100mm Crazy Special, $15.75e Ex, x13pcs)
Horse Shoe (U-Shape) Chunky Assembly Packers (Gluske Brand);
65x52.5x1mm (Crazy Special, $58.75e Ex, x3pcs)
65x52.5x2mm (Crazy Special, $64.50e Ex, x2pcs)
65x52.5x5mm (Crazy Special, $43.50e Ex, x2pcs)
65x52.5x6mm (Crazy Special, $47.50e Ex, x9pcs)
65x52.5x8mm (Crazy Special, $51.50e Ex, x8pcs)
Glazing Packers (various sizes) (Blaugelb Brand);
100x24x3mm (Crazy Special, $38.00e Ex, x7pcs)
100x24x4mm (Crazy Special, $43.75e Ex, x7pcs)
40/40 cylinders keyed-alike – $20.00e Ex (x13pcs)
Tilt & Turn handles (43mm +- screw cntrs) White Non-Locking: $1.25e Ex (Blaugelb brand, x691pcs)
Brown & Ivory (RAL 1015) available as well..


<<<Bi-Folds, Tilt & Slide (PSK), Titan/Favorit, Hoppe, KFV etc hardware Clearance Sale!
ALL Drastically Reduced & Marked Down Prices Right Now>>>


  • Siegenia Aubi:
  • Bi-Folds
  • Dr Hahn
  • Hoppe
  • KFV
  • Blaugelb
  • Menke
  • Parco
  • Spax
  • Konig
  • Gluske & more...

ALL Stock MUST GO by 12th June!!!
Get in quick before it all goes back FOR GOOD!!!

*Please check out the warehouse stock videos below for a full detailed view of the available Hardware; (t/a: GB Windows Factory Pty Ltd) Last Days Sale (Video 1 of 5)... (t/a: GB Windows Factory Pty Ltd) Last Days Sale (Video 2 of 5)... (t/a: GB Windows Factory Pty Ltd) Last Days Sale (Video 3 of 5)... (t/a: GB Windows Factory Pty Ltd) Last Days Sale (Video 4 of 5)... (t/a: GB Windows Factory Pty Ltd) Last Days Sale (Video 5 of 5)...
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