Ten Thousand for Giving Tuesday - #LetsFaceItPeriod 

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Countdown until Giving Tuesday!

Hello friends,

We need to raise $10,000 before midnight on Giving Tuesday, December 1st! Please help us by contributing what you can, and passing this email on! 

In many developing countries, ash, sand, leaves and dirty rags are all things a girl is using right because she doesn't have access to pads during her period. Even worse, many are isolated from their family, schools and daily lives without fresh water or food because they are told they are dirty and impure. The taboos around menstruation keep these serious issues in the dark - and the #LetsFaceItPeriod is calling them out loud and clear! Proper management and an open discussion about menstrual health is essential to keep girls in school, and allow them to grow into our future leaders!

With your help, we can continue to reach the girls and women who need us!
Click here to contribute today!

With gratitude,

The #LetsFaceItPeriod team
Thank you . . .
for your continued support! We are so lucky to have so many great supporters around the world!
Brought to you by NFCC International and the Bushtember Foundation

Your Contribution Will Support These Programs!

Girls Health Ed

Girls Health Ed will be educating more than 5,000 girls and young women in Kogelo for a full year on personal care, hygiene, menstrual care, sexual assault prevention and self-esteem.
The girls will also be provided with reusable sanitary products that can last up to 3 years, and taught how to properly care for them! 


Femme International

Femme International will be targeting adolescent girls between 14 and 21 in secondary schools in Kenya and Tanzania.They will focus solely on working within secondary schools.
They will implement the Feminine Health Management Program which will benefit 15,000 girls in both Kenya and Tanzania in 2016.

Huru International 

Huru International is a Kenyan based NGO who have invented what is called a  “Huru Kit”, a bag containing eight reusable sanitary pads, three pairs of underwear, a soap to wash the sanitary pads, a waterproof bag to safely store used sanitary pads, an educational insert on proper sanitary pad usage and a life-skills booklet.


Stand4Education will work with 1000 girls in Malek, South Sudan from 13 to 18 will participate in after school MHM workshops. They will also be provided with 3 year long reusable menstrual kit during the training. In addition, 20 on-ground teachers will be hired and trained so that this knowledge will continue to be passed through the community.

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