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Together. Who could have imagined a year ago, what hopeful whimsy that word would conjure in all of us? Whether it’s weeks in rehearsals and the scene shop or just a couple hours gathered for an evening at the theatre, we have missed being together to share what we love:  storytelling. Yes, there are innumerable television networks and streaming services, there are videos and Zoom meetings, but nothing can truly replace the centuries-old magic of coming together in a dark room before a lit stage and watching a story unfold right in front of us. 

At Strollers, we have missed being with all of you. We love creating theatre, but more importantly, we love sharing theatre. We are so grateful for all the people who have supported us; whether it was with your time, with your talent, or by buying a ticket or through your donations, we would not be able to share theatre without you!

As we apply our hopeful whimsy planning our 2021-2022 season, we have also used this time away from the stage, to think about the meaning of the word “community” and how all of us can reflect that community on our stages. This is a complex idea and it extends far beyond Strollers, but Madison is truly blessed with curious and compassionate artists and audience members and we know applying our imaginations to making theatre that represents all of us will not be in vain.  We welcome your input always, so please do not hesitate to use the contact form on our website and let us know what types of stories you believe need to be shared on our stages or if you simply want to be part of the conversation.

While you are on our website, if you are so inclined, you can also donate to Strollers Theatre or by using the PayPal link below. We are doing our best to shepherd Strollers Theatre through this difficult time and we are grateful for the donors who have helped make that possible.

As 2020 comes to a close and we toil over how to safely share the holiday season with the ones we love, know that all of us at Strollers wish you a happy and HEALTHY new year! A new year that we hope will be filled with many evenings together again at the Bartell!!

Board Membership Announcements!
Our Membership meeting was this last weekend and we have a new Strollers Theatre Board of Directors.

While we welcome many familiar faces back, we want to sincerely thank Michelle Dayton for her leadership as she declines another term as President of Strollers Theatre.

-Vacant-, President

Rainy Armstrong, Secretary

Benjamin Barlow, Publicity

Sarah Edlund, Season Subscriptions
Sean Langenecker, Vice President

Erin S. Baal, Treasurer

Teresa Sarkela, Facilities Coordinator

Jack Nee, Grants​

Megan Siebert, At-Large
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