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All artwork by Peach Munkey.
Hi Friends-

The Hurry Slowly podcast passed 400,000 downloads this week, and I owe that momentum to many of you. So huge, huge thanks for all of your support! 🤓

Now, onto the best articles and insights I dug up in the past week:

The anxiety cure. For the latest Hurry Slowly, I made a super-cut of my guests talking about what they worry about, and how they calm down: “I used to worry for years when we first started. You worry about the competition, or you see some news item. But you can’t control any of those things. You can’t do anything. All you can do is your best. So I try to do my best work as often as I can and that’s it. There’s nothing to be anxious about there.”

The role of luck in life success is far greater than we realized. This longread about living in a “naive meritocracy” has fascinating implications for VC funding, the idea of a basic income, hiring for diversity, and so much more. Also, note this tidbit: “The display of middle initials increases positive evaluations of people's intellectual capacities and achievements.” I knew it! ; )

Does having a day job mean making better art? Great piece on how *not* having a day job is a relatively new concept for artists: “I suddenly heard a noise and looked up to find Robert Hughes, the art critic of Time magazine, staring at me in disbelief. ‘But you’re Philip Glass! What are you doing here?’ It was obvious that I was installing his dishwasher and I told him that I would soon be finished.”

How to manage humans. It takes a sec to get going, but this is a very smart, no-bullshit post on how to manage performance: “I hold up one finger, and I ask the only question that matters: Have you had multiple face-to-face conversations over multiple months with the employee where you have clearly explained and agreed there is a gap in performance?

+ Newscycle: The world’s most exhausting workout.

+ How to be better at meeting people offline.

+ What does this remind you of?

+ It’s all about reputation now.

p.s. If you really want to nerd out about my workflow and desk setup, check out this in-depth interview I did with the Mac Power User podcast.

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All artwork by Peach Munkey.

Much appreciation to: Andrew Foster Glei, NextDraft, and CreativeMornings for link ideas.

The illustrations are from: Peach Munkey, who works out of Carlsbad, CA. Follow the munkey on Instagram.

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