Artwork by Calvin Sprague.

Hi Friends-

The world is a different place since last I wrote you. We’re all suddenly tasked with rapidly adapting to a new way of working and staying calm in the face of an unprecedented crisis. It’s a lot. 

But it’s also, as my mentor recently said to me, what we’ve been training for. I know all of you reading this right now are committed to personal development — and many of you, as well, to spiritual development. And this moment is nothing if not a spiritual test.

We are being asked to marshal all of our faculties to move forward with grace in the face of anxiety, to hold space and support each other like never before, and to create something beautiful and new out of whatever remains at the end of this uncertain journey.

I have faith that we can. And I want to use this newsletter to offer you as much support and encouragement as possible. So for the duration of this madness, I will be using this space to share any tools that I think can provide more calm, comfort, and clarity — be they podcasts, articles, courses, apps, gatherings etc.

If there is a tool you’re using to cope that you think this community would benefit from, feel free to reply to this message and share it with me. : )

I'm also calling out some past Hurry Slowly episodes that I think will be particularly supportive for you right now. 💗
Artwork by Calvin Sprague.

What if you’re not broken? On the latest Hurry Slowly, I talk about this nagging idea many of us carry around that we need to heal ourselves before we can accept ourselves and be present. I share my personal journey into love and presence — and now pandemic-induced separation — and talk about learning to recognize the gifts that are right in front of us.

Dear Ale, a podcast about pandemic love. One of my greatest personal challenges right now is that my girlfriend is stranded in Peru. In order to stay grounded and cope, I started writing her a love letter everyday and turned it into a podcast that I’ll be doing until we are reunited. By listening, you can send good juju into the world for her speedy return. (It also includes a lovely poem in every episode. Not written by me, don’t worry. ; )

Q&A on productivity in dark times. I did a live Q&A on Tuesday which was attended by hundreds of wonderful folks from all over the world. We talked about the vital importance of building meaningful rituals into our daily routines right now, how to set good boundaries between work and not-work, whether you should pick up passion projects right now, and lots more. Click to watch the replay, and open the “ask a question” box to fast forward to specific answers if you like. 

Free mindful budgeting templates. Many of us are getting hit hard financially by everything that's going down. If you want to be more conscious about your spending moving forward, Cait Flanders, author of The Year of Less, is offering up these mindful budgeting templates for free.

How to run meetings on Zoom. A ridiculously comprehensive guide to Zooming from Alexa on the CreativeMornings team. Speaking of, CreativeMornings have taken all of their events and field trips virtual. Another great resource for inspiration.

Free wisdom resources: Rather than gorging yourself on still more toxic news, consider using this moment to go inward. Spiritual podcasts that I find extremely grounding in these difficult times are: Tara Brach's podcast, Insights at the Edge with Tami Simon, Audio Dharma with Gil Fronsdal, 10% Happier with Dan Harris, and the Irresistible podcast.

Free yoga resources: We talked extensively at Tuesday's Q&A about the importance of staying grounded in the body to relieve anxiety. A few places you can go: Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, the Yoga to the People podcast, and the Down Dog app are all ways of accessing free yoga classes. The Down Dog suite of apps also has HIIT, 7-minute, and other workouts.

Free meditation resources: Meditation has been an essential tool for me the past few weeks. Enso is a beautiful meditation timer with chimes and gongs that I love, Sanvello is a mental health and meditation app that's free during the Covid crisis, and Insight Timer offers a huge free meditation library, including lots of chanting ones that I like.

Free dance party: The Get Down NYC, one of the city's most popular dance parties is doing virtual dance parties a few times a week for now. I myself will be boogie-ing at tonite's 6pm EDT dance party. Join me! 🕺

Hurry Slowly episodes that offer calm & comfort:

Holding space for yourself. I breakdown four different ways that you can hold space: time space, idea space, ritual space, and heart space. Doing this for yourself is *so* necessary right now.

It doesn't matter what you're doing, it's who's doing it. A conversation with one of my great spiritual teachers about how to shift out of a neurotic, fear-based way of operating. Need I say more?

Using technology with intention. Cal Newport talks about getting clear on our digital values. Extremely relevant in the face of the toxic, pandemic media blitz that's happening.

Unravelling your inner critic. A wonderful conversation with meditation teacher Sebene Selassie on learning to be kinder to yourself, which we all need right now.

Who are you without the doing? I talk about letting go of hyper-aggressive productivity and easing into "tender discipline." These are times to be gentle with yourself.

Are you satisfiable? An illuminating conversation with activist Adrienne Maree Brown about how we define pleasure. Very relevant as we all reconsider and realign our values.

The science of sleep. A chat with scientist Sigrid Veasey, where she shares some good ideas about using a "mental cool down" before bed if you're having trouble sleeping.

Productivity shame. Many of us are shaming ourselves for not being more productive during this crisis. Let this episode free you.

I wish you love,
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Artwork by Calvin Sprague.

The artwork is from: Calvin Sprague, who's based in Rotterdam.

Link ideas from: Neeloo Fa provided a bunch of great app recs after Tuesday's Q&A. Thanks!

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