Artwork by Katsiaryna Dubovik.
Hi Friend-

I have some exciting news to share this week.

My brand-new course Hi-Fi is now open for registration through May 29th.

Hi-Fi is a 12-week course that invites you to come back into your body, access the wisdom of the heart, and turn up the volume on your intuition. 

It's all about bringing together a vibrant community of open-hearted people who are dedicated to deepening their self-awareness and their creative intuition. 

Since launch on Tuesday, a really incredible group of participants has already begun to assemble. I would love to have you join us.  : )

Learn more & register here →

I also published a new Hurry Slowly episode this week, which is about how anxious habits suppress our intuition. In many ways, this episode shares the backstory on why I decided to create my new Hi-Fi course in the first place — as a way of sharing the practices I've developed for moving from anxiety to intuition.

If you'd like to hear more about the power of peeling back all those layers of anxiety accrued over the years and/or hear me talk more about what Hi-Fi is all about, it's worth tuning in.

Listen to: "Anxiety vs Intuition"
Artwork by Katsiaryna Dubovik.

Truth be told, I've been pouring all of my energy into preparing my new course and soaking up the sunshine of late. And reading almost nothing. So this is a light links list — and one that's a bit more eclectic than usual.

Presence and perpetual goodness. I enjoyed this conversation with the very wise Benedictine nun Sister Joan Chittister about faith, the divine, and embracing humility. You needn't be religious to enjoy it.

Spell of the sensuous. I've been dipping back into this book by David Abrams, which is a deeply philosophical take on why humans have become so disconnected from nature and how we might come back into communion with it.

Feet on the ground. Staying at home doing nothing is surprisingly taxing on the physical body. I've been rolling out my feet with this Simple Spectra foot roller set to let go of stagnant energy and help me ground.

I'll split it with you. My partner and I recently started using the very handy Splitwise app to track household expenses. It's great for tracking your budget with loved ones or roomies. 

Stretching it out. I've also really been enjoying the Down Dog yoga app, which basically allows you to custom-design an in-home yoga class based on your level, what length class you want, and body areas you'd like to work on. You can do a Jamba-Juice style "boost" for core, chest-opening, hips, etc.
Artwork by Katsiaryna Dubovik.

The artwork is from: Katsiaryna Dubovik, who is based in the Netherlands.

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