Staying IN your comfort zone, slow-motion multitasking, and 25 reasons to keep making stuff...

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All artwork by Yukai Du for RESET.
Hi Friends-

I have spent the past year building an online course that is designed for you.

It’s called RESET, and it’s all about how to take back control of technology, adopt a more heart-centered approach to productivity, and align your workflow with your creative goals.

It will show you how to reconnect with the natural rhythms of your body, your energy, and your attention so that you can work more effectively and sustainably.

I have poured ten years of research, interviews, and personal experience into RESET, and I can honestly say I think it’s the best thing I have ever made.

It takes the themes that I explore in this newsletter and on my podcast and translates them into a clear, actionable program that will completely transform the way you work.

Registration for RESET opens on December 19, and the course begins on January 19.

Click the link below to get more information when I start releasing it next week.

Send me emails about RESET.

Slow-motion multi-tasking. On the new Hurry Slowly, I chat with the brilliant Tim Harford about why every habit you thought was bad is good again: Why piling stuff on your desk is more efficient than filing it away, why having autonomy over your space trumps being tidy, and how procrastination can actually be productive — if you reconceptualize it as “slow-motion multitasking.”

Please stop telling me to leave my comfort zone. A nice contrarian piece about comfort vs burnout: “On the outside, everything looked peachy. On the inside, I was feeling defeated and helpless. I rationalized these feelings as stemming from my own inadequacy. If I felt I was juggling more than I possibly could, I clearly had to hustle more. ‘I just need to work harder,’ I told myself. ‘I’m out of my comfort zone. It’ll get better. I’ll adjust.’”

The simple joy of “no phones allowed.” I love David Cain's concept of people on smartphones as tiny little blackholes of energy: “Our phones drain the life out of a room. They give everyone a push-button way to completely disengage their mind from their surroundings, while their body remains in the room, only minimally aware of itself. Essentially, we all have a risk-free ripcord we can pull at the first pang of boredom or desire for novelty, and of course those pangs occur constantly.”

Your body is a vehicle for life. A beautiful piece about how a scientist’s work linking minds and machines helps a paralyzed woman move again: “They asked me if I had a goal. I sensed they wanted me to say that I wanted to touch my children, or my husband. I said, Yeah, I have a goal. I want to feed myself chocolate’ — and I was waiting for them to laugh, but they didn't laugh. They just looked at each other, and said, Yeah, we should be able to do that.’”

+ 25 reasons to keep on making stuff (w/ lots of f-bombs.)

+ The remarkable brainwaves of high-level meditators.

+ Sex, taboos, and technology.

+ Art on the moon.
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All artwork by Yukai Du for RESET.

Much appreciation for link ideas to: Sarah Lochhead, Kottke, and NextDraft.

The energetic illustrations are from: Yukai Du for my new online course RESET.

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