Artwork by Penko Gelev.

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On this week's episode of Hurry Slowly, I talk about four different ways that you can hold space for yourself in the new year to create room for new insight and positive change. They are: time space, idea space, ritual space, and heart space. Tune into the 16-minute episode to learn more...

Listen to: "Holding Space for Yourself"

Artwork by Penko Gelev.

Linear time vs circular time. This is such an interesting snippet on shifting from a circular to a linear view of time. Circular time offers seasons and second chances, while linear time "favors risk-taking, living life to the fullest, and seizing the day. And yet the innovation is a profoundly bitter one: when change over time is irreversible, loss and mourning become daily things."

Intensity gives your life meaning. A thought-provoking piece on the idea that intensity matters more than the positivity or negativity of an event: "The intensity of peak experiences may be more likely to define who we are. At the end of our lives, will we look back and remember most poignantly all of the calm and tranquil meditation sessions we had, or will we remember the moments that plumbed the depths of our emotional life, that made us feel most alive?"

Why Google and Facebook won't change. It's not new, but still a great article on "surveillance capitalism" and the manipulative powers of tech giants: "This time, 689,003 people were exposed to positive and negative emotional cues in their News Feeds. The research team celebrated its success in manipulating users, concluding in its 2014 study: 'Emotional states can be transferred to others via emotional contagion, leading people to experience the same emotions without their awareness.'"

The wages of productivity. A nice meditation from Anne Helen Petersen about a new kind of productivity signaling: "The real way to show that you’re cultured is to evidence (through conversation or Instagram) consumption of cultured things (podcasts, articles, award-winning books, quality television) and participation in cultured activities (pottery class, skiing, bread baking, endless numbers of self-optimizing physical activities)."

+ Spotify’s emotional surveillance.

+ Thinking thinky thinks.

+ 20 questions for 2020.
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Artwork by Penko Gelev.

The artwork is from: Penko Gelev's illustrated series called Lukas and the Goat.

Link ideas from: Exponential View and Ann Friedman.

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