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All artwork by Local Preacher.
Hi Friends-

My favorite links, listens, and longreads from the past week:

The antidote to being over-scheduled. On the Hurry Slowly podcast, I sit down with Julie Zhuo, VP of Product Design at Facebook, to talk about how she stays calm amidst a daily schedule that demands constant “context switching.” We dig into how she visualizes her day, avoids energy-draining tasks, and carves out time for reflection and writing.

Irony doesn’t scale. A thoughtful piece on the highs and lows of becoming a leader: “Eventually I realized that success is not about big hits. It’s actually in the opportunity to improve. How could our sales pipeline be better managed? How could our team be coached on client interaction? Who seems frustrated, who could use coffee? How could our meetings be more efficient, and in lesser quantities? Do we need more plants?”

Why the happiness industry is making us sad. “The idea that ‘anyone can be happy’ is a seductive one, but ultimately flawed and deeply unfair, equating those who have been given social privileges with those who have not. When the less-privileged person fails to achieve the happiness they desire, they’re told to blame themselves first and foremost, rather than the circumstances that have helped shape their life.”

Conversation dinners. I love this concept for facilitating deeply engaged conversations: “When two people talk with mutual respect and listen with a real interest in understanding another point of view, when they try to put themselves in the place of another, to get inside their skin, they change the world, even if it is only by a minute amount, because they are establishing equality between two human beings.”

Be micro-ambitious, and other life lessons.

+ DIY podcasting isn’t as cheap as you think.

+ Fantastic Twitter thread on writing.

The five regrets of the dying.
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All artwork by Local Preacher.

Much appreciation to: SwissMiss, Kottke, Offscreen, Rad Reads for link ideas.

The photographs are from: The Wet Neon series by Local Preacher.

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