Getting ready for the season of the sick day.
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Winter wellness

The nights are getting longer and the wild weather last week was a reminder that winter is on its way. Along with it comes all the usual sniffles and coughs. How do you avoid excessive sick leave in your business and do you have a culture that encourages wellness in your team?  Encourage people to stay home rather than coming in and spreading bugs.  You may be able to offer people the option to work from home rather than taking a sick day if this would work for your business. It may seem contradictory but having one person take a couple of days off to get better is much more affordable than having 5 people off sick if they come in and share their germs.

Keeping your team well

  • Offer flu vaccines - some of your team may be eligible for free vaccines
  • Get people moving and outdoors on the dry days.  Have walking meetings or even a stroll up the road for a coffee to ensure everyone gets a dose of vitamin D and some fresh air
  • This could be the time to organise an office fitness challenge to help people maintain their health and fitness goals throughout the winter
  • Put a fruit bowl in the kitchen to help with nutrition, encourage people to bring in their excessive feijoas (a great source of vitamin C). Maybe have a competition to see who has grown the biggest one!
  • Include a winter recipe section in your newsletter or company update. Everyone likes new recipe and are often happy to share their favourite casserole or soup

If you do have a team member with excessive sick leave it is important to act on it before it gets out of hand. Give me a call to discuss any individual issues or if you want to find out more about how to help keep your team healthy through the winter months.

Upsizing in 2017
(or downsizing)
Moving into a new financial year can be a time when you look at taking on more staff or changing your workforce in other ways. Give me a call to discuss where I can help, whether you are looking at increasing, decreasing or making the size of your team more flexible this year. I can help make any changes much smoother and far less time consuming for you.
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Hours of work
One of the recent changes in employment legislation relates to hours of work and how these are identified and defined on employment agreements.

In particular this is in respect to:
• agreed hours of work
• availability provisions
• cancellation of shifts
• secondary employment provisions

If you have requirements from your team around being on call or available outside normal hours, or currently have no specified hours of work, then you need to have your agreements checked.

Give me a call today to ensure that you are on the right track.
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