Today marks the beginning of Holy Week, in which Christians contemplate the final week of Jesus’ life. This week, which begins on Palm Sunday and concludes on Easter, invites followers of Christ into experiencing the salvation that God gives us through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

In the fourth century, Cyril of Jersualem, an early church father wrote of this week: 

“O strange and wonderful event! We were not really put to death, we were not really buried, we were not really crucified, we were not really brought back to life. But, though the imitation was symbolic, the salvation is very real! Christ was truly crucified, truly buried, truly raised up. And all this was given to us by grace in order that we might share his sufferings by imitating them, and thus truly obtain salvation. How vast is God’s love for humanity!” (Catechetical Lectures, XX, 5)

This week, as we hear the accounts from scripture, meditate upon Jesus’ final words and actions, and join Christians across the globe and throughout history in the observance of this Great Week, we are joined again to God’s grace and mercy.

Please join us in worship at Luther Memorial this week. Information about the services can be found below.

In Christ, 

Pastor Emily

P.S. If you want to know more about how LM is ensuring safety at worship, you can read their worship guidelines. If you don’t feel comfortable going to worship, you can watch the services from home.


Sunday of the Passion
Sometimes called “Palm Sunday,” on this day we commemorate Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem and hear the beginning of the story of his passion. We follow in his footsteps as we enter the church, our Jerusalem, acclaiming the one whose throne was the cross.

Services of Holy Communion at Luther Memorial Church at 9am and 11am. RSVP online.

Maundy Thursday
The Maundy Thursday service centers on the words of Jesus’ new commandment (mandatum, from which Maundy comes) to love one another. On this night in which Jesus was handed over to death, we gather around the Lord’s supper. 

Service of Holy Communion at Luther Memorial Church at 7pm. RSVP online.

Good Friday
At the heart of this service is the passion reading according to John, which celebrates Jesus’ victory on the cross. As Jesus draws all people to himself, we pray for the whole world for which Christ died. We honor the cross as the sign of forgiveness, healing, and salvation. With all God’s people, we are invited to bow before this mystery of faith. Christ has died so we may live.

Service of Meditation upon the Cross at Luther Memorial Church at 7pm. RSVP online.

Festival of Easter
On this day we celebrate Christ’s resurrection, through which we are freed from our fears, restored in God’s image, and invited to new life. In his victory over death, Jesus delivers us from the power of death and joins us to new life in Christ. Alleluia! Christ is risen!

Services of Holy Communion at Luther Memorial Church at 9am and 11am. RSVP online.


Musings from Vicar Leif:
Recently, I doing some digital art and something struck me about how we talk about God's Wisdom. You might remember 1 Corinthians 3:19 says "For the Wisdom of this world is foolishness with God." These words came to might when I was cycling through my drawing layers. See on digital art programs there are layers that you can use and stack on top of each other. So an outline layer can go over a coloring layer and all of that goes over a background. It helps things get organized! But I noticed one of my layers just had a bunch of squiggles on it. When it is part of the whole, it detailed the lines on a character's face, but alone it was absolute nonsense. How foolish does God's word appear as when we are trying to comprehend those squiggly lines! But we know that there is a picture, there is goodness and truth with God, and we continue to try and make sense of it all.

Leif Kratzke Nelson serves as intern pastor at
Luther Memorial and Lutheran Campus Ministry.
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