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Winter Is Here - LETS STAY FIT! (and Warm) 

So the colder months are still getting closer as winter has not really hit us yet.  But the days are past their shortest, so they are back to lengthening out again, albeit very slowly.  However, its no excuse to hide indoors and snuggle.  You can easily get warm by getting active, might take a bit more mind power to initially get up and get out into the cold and dark, but I promise, you won't regret it afterwards and later on this year when the months warm up again.  

I struggle with it some days too, as we are all human.  But exercise is proven to really help with the 'winter blues' and sets us up better to leap into spring and summer with better fitness than if you hibernate during winter.  So do yourself a favour and hang onto your current fitness with some winter fitness maintenance by continuing to attend our sessions regularly.  Want to know more about the winter blues, then read my blog post here.

Super Boot Camp Saturdays are a good way to help you with maintain this fitness during winter with the time being a little later (7:30am) and they will be at some new challenging locations around our region and not our conventional sessions either, Ie. Ropes, tyres, heavy objects, team work. 

Plus read on to find out about our up coming fitness testing week, but fear not as they double as great sessions in their own right, so come along anyway. 

Fitness (RE)-Testing Week (4th-8th July)

It is that time again... Eeeekkkk!
No doubt you have all been training consistently for the past 2 months since our testing took place at the start of May, so now its time to put that increased fitness and strength to the test.  This is nothing to be scared about, as the only comparisons that will be made, will be from your own results.  However, if you would prefer not to be tested, come along to the sessions anyway, as the tests will provide a good workout for you nonetheless and we just won't tell you, your results.  if you want to know your previous performances, then send me an email and find out

Here is a list of the sessions that will include the tests;

Monday 4th July - 6am Church Steps
1 mile run (1.6km)
1min Strength Tests - Press up and Squat

Plank Hold to Failure

Monday 4th July - 6pm Church Steps
Niges Cathedral Steps 300 Challenge

Tuesday 5th July - 6am Tahunanui Beach
Beep/shuttle run fitness test
1min Strength Tests - Press up and Squat
Plank Hold to Failure

Tuesday 5th July - 9:15am Neale Park Running Session
1 mile run (1.6km) fitness test
1min Strength Tests - Press up and Squat
Plank Hold to Failure

Wednesday 6th July - 6pm Church Steps
1 mile run (1.6km)
1min Strength Tests - Press up and Squat

Plank Hold to Failure

Friday 8th July - 6am Church Steps
Niges Cathedral Steps 300 Challenge

Friday 8th July - 9am Tahunanui Beach
Beep/shuttle run fitness test
1min Strength Tests - Press up and Squat
Plank Hold to Failure

These test dates are subject to change if the weather forces us indoors or conditions seem unsafe to hold the tests.  Please contact Nige on the day to confirm if in doubt. 

Niges Cathedral Steps 300 Challenge (modified version of the Spartan 300 challenge)
50 reps of each exercise in this order
Burpees, Pressups, Goblet Squat and Press (weighted), Kettlebell Swings (weighted), Dips, Lunges,
Stair runs X 5 (310stairs)
300second plank hold (Front and Side optional), timer to be set at 30second intervals
Total time taken for from start to end.

Holiday Boot Camp - Kids with Laura, Adults with Nige

These holidays Laura will be running one of her kids (Under 13) Active Starts physical activity program alongside Nige's Tuesday 9:15am Boot Camp on the 12th and 19th July.  This session will run for 1hr at Neale park, at the end of Collingwood street.  Nigel boot camp is a running fitness and speed based session, while Laura will keep yours kids busy and active.  

Nige's session is the usual price while it will only cost $5 per family for the kids.  Please RSVP with the number and the age of your kids attending, to

Saturday Super Boot Camp - Now 7:30am

Saturdays Super Boot Camps are off to a good start and those that have attended so far have enjoyed the changes and the challenges that the new locations have provided.  On Saturday we had a good group of 9 attack the Tamaki St Steps from bottom to the very top with some good times posted.  Then the session continued with some team activities that resulted in the winning team having the benefit of choosing their team objects for the carry to the top.   Then each team finished off with carrying approximately 50-60kgs of weight up the 380 odd stairs to the top together. 

We do hope this inspires you all to attend the Saturdays more regularly, have some fun with team based activities and adventures, while also attracting new attendees to some new challenging sessions in our region.  This coming Saturday will see Niges taking you all to a new location up the Grampians, meeting at top of Collingwood Street.  While Saturday 23rd will have Laura taking you all up the much loved Tamaki Street stairs again and the other Saturdays at Tahunanui beach, often for roaming sessions. 

So spread the word, set your own alarm and bring some friends along too. 

July Location Schedule

Saturday 2nd July  -
Our regular Tahunanui beach location - with Laura

Saturday 9th July -
GRAMPIANS GRUNT, meeting at top of Collingwood st/corner of Brougham St - with Nige

Saturday 16th July -
Our regular Tahunanui beach location - with Laura

Saturday 23rd July -
Tamaki st steps (for a retest plus more), meeting at the bottom along Tahunanui Drive - with Laura

Saturday 30th July -
Our regular Tahunanui beach location - with Laura

July Payments and Membership Offer

July payments are due in a week. 

Monthly Fees;
Unlimited sessions - $145/month
3 sessions/Week - $115/month
2 sessions/Week - $85/month

Bank A/C Details;
Born 2 Live Ltd
BNZ Bank Nelson

Winter Prepayment Discount - Be consistent and WIN a FREE Month

Pre pay for 3months or more (continuous) for any period between April and September (Winter) and you'll receive 10% DISCOUNT on the total price.  Further to this, one lucky person who commits to this and achieves the attendance they paid for over the 3 month period will go into the draw to receive a FREE MONTH for the same attendance frequency.  So far there is only a few who have achieved this goal, so the odds are good to win a FREE month. 

Ie. Prepay $310 for the 3 sessions a week monthly plan, attend all 39 sessions your entitled to over the 3months (13 weeks) and you are in the draw for a FREE MONTH at the end of it.  Thats equivalent to a further 33% discount, so why wouldn't you!

How Nige can help you more?

How can Nige help you more?
-Training for an event and need some guidance, accountability and weekly structure?
-Struggling with motivation and need some extra help during winter?
-Battling some injuries and need some guidance with specific exercises to help you recover?
-Wanting to boost your fitness and strength further, so perhaps some private or small group sessions could help you?

Then send Nige an email to discuss your options, and check out more information on his webpage

Nige's News


Nige has become a father again.  His second girl 'Olive Penney Burgess' was born in June a healthy 8lbs 2.  
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