January 2016 Newsletter
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Hello Everyone.

I Hope you have all got your fitness off to a good start this year and are getting ready to roll into the colder months fitter than this time last year?  Now is the time to start making some longer term goals and plans to help you get through winter and come out the other side in better physical condition than you were last year.  Lets face it, most of us come out in spring wishing we did more physical activity during winter time.  Sound like you? The old saying stands true here, ' if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got'.  

So if your not happy with your spring fitness, then make the change during winter and break your old habits.  Now is the time to set some winter plans in place.  So feel free to talk to myself, Laura or Gaye during sessions if you want some help with motivation or to set some goals during winter or perhaps commit to some little extra training with some personal training with me to really focus on YOU.  

So easter is already upon us, wow, where has that summer just gone!  
This long weekend we will only be having one boot camp session.  This will be on the sunniest day of the weekend, MONDAY, at Tahunanui Beach at 7:15am.  The tide is low, so commit now and join me on the beach for a fun filled Easter Monday boot camp session where you might even be rewarded with some wee treats for attending or working extra hard.  Feel free to bring any visiting friends and family along too, for a casual fee of $15. 

Easter Weekend Boot Camp;

Monday, 7:15am, Tahunanui beach


Easter Nutrition Tip from one of NZ's top Dieticians, Mikki Williden

How do I think you should approach Easter? You've got two choices: choose to eat as you would normally, and if you feel good about doing so - enjoy those Easter treats. It isn't going to make ANY DIFFERENCE IN THE LONG TERM to your overall health goals. Sit down, savour your Easter treats (don't have them on the run, almost so you forget you've had them) and then move on. Ruminating on what you did/didn't eat is WAY WORSE than the actual food you eat! If you overeat, so be it. Again, the next time to eat healthy is the next meal. The second choice? Choose NOT to induldge and feel good about that too! It's not compulsory to eat hot cross buns or Easter eggs, and if you would prefer not to then don't! If someone offers you something, then a simple "No thank you" will suffice. This is actually a complete sentence and you don't need to explain (and therefore invite comment).
Beginner Boot Camp

There is some interest in resuming some 'beginner' sessions again.  I am open to having two groups going simultaneously if interest is enough to justify two trainers.  Prices will be the same and people can swap between groups as they progress.  So spread the word and get back to me if this interests you or friends, and family.  
Email Nige your thoughts or feedback please
Workplace Boot Camps

Think your workplace could benefit from some team building fitness sessions? Or just enjoy some group activity with us near your workplace in the lunch break or after work, then send Nige an email to discuss your options, and check out more information on our webpage
Workplace Boot Camp
Workplace Boot Camp
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