January 2016 Newsletter
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Hello 2016 - LETS GET FIT!

Welcome to 2016 everyone.  I hope you all had a nice christmas with family and friends, got away for a wee holiday or adventure and managed to fit some fitness into some of the days too.

Every year I commonly see that everyone always sets resolutions for the year, commonly known as dreams.  Inevitably they always include some sort of fitness or weightless dream.  I call them this as 99% of the time they aren't achieved or followed through with, primarily because a dream has no plan, no date to achieve by, no stepping stones to get people there, therefore never being achieved, or even started.  Sound familiar?  We've all been there, including me (but not often my fitness or sporting related goals).  

So, how can you start this year differently with your resolutions, otherwise known as, GOALS!

Write them down, both for yourself and for others to see, as they can help you with accountability.  Then think about what the goal is, and more importantly WHY you want to achieve it.  What will it change about you or your life for the better? What would you do differently, or how would you feel about yourself differently?

All goals must have a time line to achieve by as this helps you to commit to getting going now.  If it seems far off or long term, then set some smaller short and medium term goals as this reduces the enormity of the ultimate goal or challenge, but also gives you milestones along the way so that you know you are on track, and this helps with motivation and self confidence that progress is being made. 

These extra steps will help you more with your motivation to achieve them as it makes them more meaningful to you, which creates buy-in or you start to feel emotions about the change, hopefully excitement and this intrinsic 
motivation is ultimately what will get you to where you clearly desire to be.


Back to normal February

This month we resume back to our normal full schedule starting from TUESDAY 2nd FEBRUARY , check it out on the website. 

The two upcoming public holiday Mondays, 1st and 8th February will have only 1 session starting at 7:15am at Tahunanui Beach. 

The casual and concession card  prices on offer will continue on for anyone until the end of summer, so if you are still on holiday or going on holiday or are a little unsure of attending our sessions at full steam just yet, consider one of the concessions on offer.

Contact Nige to discuss options to suit your planned holidays and boot camp attendance.

February Payments Now Due

Here is a reminder of what monthly plans we have available now and the prices;
2X / Week - 1 Month, $85
3X / Week - 1 Month, $115
Unlimited / Week - 1 Month, $145

Bank Account Details;
Born 2 Live Ltd
BNZ Bank Nelson

Occasionally I get asked if catch up sessions are allowed?  Yes they are with-in the current paid month.  If you know you are going to miss one or some, or you do miss some, you have the remainder of the month to catch them so your month attendance equals the average of what you have paid for.  
Ie. You pay for 2X/week and during 1 week you miss 1 session, so on any of the other weeks of the month, attend a 3rd session for the week to make up for that missed session.  
Beginner Boot Camp

There is some interest in resuming some 'beginner' sessions again.  I am open to having two groups going simultaneously if interest is enough to justify two trainers.  Prices will be the same and people can swap between groups as they progress, but we might look at month on, month off with the beginner sessions.  First month could be in March, so spread the word and get back to me if this interests you or friends, and family.  
Email Nige your thoughts or feedback please
Workplace Boot Camps

Think your workplace could benefit from some team building fitness sessions? Or just enjoy some group activity with us near your workplace in the lunch break or after work, then send Nige an email to discuss your options, and check out more information on our webpage
Workplace Boot Camp
Workplace Boot Camp
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