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Welcome Boot Campers!

Week two done and dusted, so well done for those that made it along, survived and enjoyed.  No doubt you'll be starting to feel a little better with your fitness and general muscular condition now, along with less soreness or not sore at all from the sessions.  This is the first sign of your body beginning to adapt to the new training stimulus, learning to recover a bit quicker and able to cope with a little more intensity and pace.  Still be smart and pace yourself with any new exercises to allow the body time to learn them, but feel free to push yourself more with familiar exercises and with what you feel confident in doing harder now.

Some of you have been transitioning across to the regular group for higher intensity and a faster pace, so please do continue with this group from here on so you can get more out of the sessions by training at a more suitable level for you.  If anybody else wants to try the regular group too, then do mention this to Gaye and give a session, or part of, a try.  You may even go between the groups if you feel you still want the more 'learning' style of the beginner group, but sometimes the intensity of the regular group.
September Sessions

Below is a guide to who will be taking your classes during the 4 weeks
Gaye - Most of your sessions except the two Friday's that Nige takes
Nige - Friday 4th September and Friday 25th September
Laura - All our regular Monday, Wednesday and Friday sessions at the church steps, for any of you who side-step to this group

The next two Wednesday sessions (16th, 23rd) will be at our other boot camp location, Tahunanui beach, as per last week, while the remaining Mondays and Fridays will remain at the church steps. If you prefer to stay in town or cannot transit to Tahuna, then please do attend our regular session with Laura at the church steps.

Please see our website for our REGULAR session times and locations that you may try if you miss one of the Beginner Boot Camp sessions.

Have you joined our Facebook page? Nige loads a weekly 'Workout Wednesday' training tip/blog or a challenge for you to try, which may be of interest. 

Where to after the Beginner Boot Camp?

Some of you have expressed some interest in continuing on with the sessions once this package ends, which is great news as it seems a waste to come this far and not continue to progress and why not maximise your current enthusiasm and keep the momentum.  So we are considering our options with continuing with the two groups (beginner and regular) after a weeks stand-down (first week of school holidays), The we will resume at the beginning of October for another 4 weeks.  Please express your interest to Nige if you are interested to continue or what you would like to do, please email your 50cents worth here.

Nutrition Tip

Remember to hydrate during your early morning Boot Camp sessions as we all loose 300-500mls of water during our nights sleep, so we wake up with our cells and system a little dry.  This can slow our performance, impede brain function, strain our kidneys and we are more likely to cramp during and after exercise.  So start the day off well with a glass of water when you wake, then begin on your first bottle of water throughout the Boot Camp session to limit further looses while you train and do your best to finish the bottle with-in an hour of finishing.  With the warming weather and our typical over dressing this time of year, our hydration needs increase, so stay in tune with your own bodies needs by monitoring your urine colour.  It should have a slight yellow/orange tinge to it, but not clear either.


Wanting a body composition measure up to know where you currently stand?
Its not the most exciting thing to get done, plus who really wants to know our own measurements!  However, I've never come across anybody in my 15years in the fitness industry who regretted having a body composition done, but many times I have heard private clients of mine wishing they had it when they first started regular exercise so they really new how far they had come well knowing they had come a long way, but now wanted proof (measurable numbers) to show them.

So Brodie Hewlett from Revolution Sports Science in Nelson can do your body composition for you at special discounted rate of $45 (usually $60) for regular Boot Camp Nelson attendees. Brodie has a Masters degree in Sports Physiology, is a Sports Science tutor at NMIT, runs their performance fitness testing lab, and is the consultant performance analyst and physiologist for Tasman Makos and Junior All Blacks (recent world cup winners in Italy).
Laura and myself have both had ours done, so how about you now? Before you start making progress.
Click here for more details or speak with Nige.
You're doing great, pat yourself on the back for keeping it up so far, and push on from here. 
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