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Dear friends,

While 2017 is off to a tumultuous start for many, the vape industry finally has  reason to be cautiously hopeful as: rumor has it a regulatory reform candidate will be instated as Commissioner of the FDA, analysts predict a more favorable approach to our industry with the Trump administration’s “regulatory reform agenda,” a fresh bill was introduced by Tom Cole (R-OK) and Sandford Bishop (D-GA) to change the predicate date, and very busy organizations like SFATA and CASAA are fighting the great fight for a worthy cause.

Why cautiously hopeful? Because now, more than ever, it is crucial that we remain vigilant and continue to demonstrate high industry standards on every front. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to not only preserve this industry, but ensure it thrives. Please see the section on Cole-Bishop for SFATA’s current calls to action!

As the dust settles and we look at the new yet constantly changing environment we are all in, we at Vape Organics have renewed optimism and bigger dreams for the year ahead.

Cheers to a year full of freedom, expansion and prosperity for all!

~ the Vape Organics team

“Ginger Spice” Released in U.S.

The warming, comforting flavor of real ginger is perfectly captured in all its complexity and balanced by its own spicy accents, with just enough sweetness to keep you interested.

In the spring of last year, Vape Organics added a new flavor to its USDA-certified organic e-liquid line, however Ginger Spice was formulated specifically for the Chinese market, where there was demand for a natural-tasting and organic ginger-flavored e-liquid. Due to popular demand stateside, as well, Ginger Spice is now available for purchase! 30ml bottles: zero, 3mg or 6mg organic nicotine.

Ginger - Spicy, almost magical.-@babsy189

World’s 1st Global Green Directory

Vape Organics was recently added to the incredible new directory, Green Pages. This first-of-its-kind directory helps you find accredited fair trade and/or certified organic products. How amazing is this opportunity for the vape industry to come into the awareness of the worldwide health-oriented community?!

Thank you so much to the good folks over at Green Pages for including us!

Check them out at

Cole-Bishop: 3 Phone Calls

SFATA is asking us to make 3 phone calls to our representatives, in order to help save our industry! Here’s what to do:

  1. Call both of your U.S. Senators asking that they include the House version of the Department of Agriculture Bill in the Fiscal Year 2017 spending bill;

  2. Call to urge your U.S. House of Representative to co-sponsor the Cole-Bishop bill (H.R. 1136), demonstrating support for this language to remain in the budget bill.

Mike Hogan, SFATA’s federal lobbyist, recently sent an in-depth and optimistic federal lobbyist update about the recent SFATA fly-in, “I have to say, we all detected a real shift in both understanding of our issues and willingness to prevent the calamity that the regulations will cause.”

Thank you, SFATA for being a tireless voice for the vape industry! If you are not already, please consider becoming a member of SFATA today.

P.S. ACTIVISM 101: Say thank you, too! Consider writing thank-you letters to Reps Cole and Bishop!

Tokewell Feature

Issue 16 of Tokewell will include a full-length feature on Vape Organics! Check out the picture tour of our facility, interview with our core team, and a healthy dose of goofy modeling. Dropping soon - available at Barnes & Noble!

Disclaimer: no e-liquids were harmed in this photograph.

Organic E-Liquid: 411

Have you ever wondered what actually goes into the making of certified organic e-liquid? We break it down in our latest blog post: What Goes Into the Making of Vape Organics E-Liquid.

Vape Organics offers the first USDA-certified organic e-liquid in the world, and utilizes a highly unique manufacturing process that contributes to the premium nature of our products.

  • Crafted exclusively from real, plant-based extracts

  • 100% VG (with zero PG)

  • Free of artificial sweeteners & synthetic chemical additives

  • 1st and only certified organic nicotine in the world

Creative e-juices flowing…

Check out our top photo picks of 2017 (so far)!
Snack time, the organic way! @babsy189
Lazy days in tall grass with @little_honey_blossom ❤
“Essentials” -@anel2374
@charlette_webb90’s favorites from our line
Zen is the word! via @vapingyogi
Symmetrical abundance with @anna_loves_clouds
So fresh, so clean… @barbievapes

Good morning from @babsy189 all the way in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Does our e-liquid inspire photos or artwork? Tag us on social media using hashtag #VapeOrganics to be featured!


Vape Organics is a wholesale-only manufacturer of the world’s first organic e-liquids. We do not have a minimum order quantity, but do offer over 10% off for orders of 300+ pieces! Inquire within.


Vape Organics has paired up with our sister company, VO Tech, as well as CoilArt for an incredible giveaway bundle! Visit our Instagram @vape_organics for more details on how to enter.

“Inconsistent authority like this will be detrimental and unfair to many manufacturers and businesses. This legislation preserves the FDA’s ability to regulate these products on par with cigarettes, grandfathers currently available products and then requires the FDA’s approval before any new product is introduced.”

-Rep. Cole
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