You have within you now everything you will ever need to know about anything you wish to create.
How do you feel when you read the statement above?




I feel relieved and empowered, the muscles in my face relaxing into a smile. And while my logical mind could easily present dozens of rational rebuttals to this kind of "you can accomplish anything" thinking, my intuitive mind feels the deeper truth of this perspective and can't wait to ride the wave of creative expression it offers.

It helps that the work I do as a psychic medium and shamanic practitioner requires me to suspend "ordinary reality" on a daily basis. This has allowed me to become vastly familiar with what is possible when staying open-minded and "teachable". Just because an idea is new, unfamiliar, or unproven (at the current level of our understanding) does not mean it isn't true or effective. Historically, we have deemed countless important occurrences invalid merely because we lacked the knowledge to comprehend them at the time.

Over the past couple of years, I have had the opportunity to remain open to a novel occurrence in my own life. I began trance channeling a helping spirit ally who shares wisdom and guidance from their unique perspective in the afterlife. This benevolent being has asked to be called Teacher.

Recently, during channeling sessions, Teacher has spoken about the nature of creativity in a fascinating and beneficial way. I would like to share some of it with you in case you find it inspiring too. As you read, it may be helpful to invite your intuitive mind to assist in absorbing some of the ideas. Channeled information is sometimes presented with unusual wording and structure. I have found if you sort of step back a bit mentally to expand your perspective, the messages come into focus and comprehension is easier.

And now, Teacher:

You are the center of a universe. You are a god. You have within you now, at this very moment, everything you will ever need to know about anything you wish to create and experience. There are no levels, no hierarchies, these structures are collapsible and extendable according to your choice.

My counsel to you is to become comfortable with the power and authority you naturally possess. It becomes important—at this time in your world—for each to understand how powerful they are as individuals. From my vantage point (in the afterlife state), I sit and I watch, and I wonder where has this understanding gone?

Creativity appears to have its conclusions at the collective (material) level, however, this is not how things really operate within creativity. Where I stand in my creative reality, "now" is not as a succession or combination of events or focus; it is a singular and original placement, somewhat solitary in nature, which is a position all creators find themselves in. If I am All That Is, where do I go from here?

Creativity is not a state you must step into nor engage. It is who you are and there is no escaping it. And that is good news. To draw into your lungs a single breath is a creative act.

Before humankind began stringing words together to convey thought, ideas were communicated telepathically and by interpretation, and by a type of demonstrating that resembled acting. This was an effective means of communication. However, these beings decided that because they lived in a physical world, they wanted a way to express thought physically. This began through drawing pictures and constructing small models. These approaches, over time, became words and language. Human beings are creators, temporarily housed in human form, and they retain the desire and thrust for using patterns to achieve continuity and include cohesion, resulting in coherence.

Choosing your words correctly becomes very important then. Stringing a series of words into a sentence, resulting in coherence, is a very small bit of what occurs on a larger scale. In other words, one sentence is a minute example of the larger patterns consciousness uses to create.
Consciousness would best be described using mathematical languages and geometric references. These are foundations of creativity. They provide coherence and cohesion. Creativity seeks to create, chaos is not conducive to this.

Creativity understood that it wanted cohesion, so it looked for a process to support this. Geometry is what grew from this desire, like a blossom. Geometry reflects creativity’s desire. Geometry is the face of creativity. If you could take your understanding of geometry and add movement or expansion, you would understand better the mechanics of multi-dimensionality.

Geometry is fluid and harmonious, and happily and naturally ripples and runs outward, so to speak. It seeks expansion. And because each consciousness unit (or soul, or being) also seeks these things (because they are these things) they appear geometric, if you were to try to describe them accurately. And these forms are beautiful and complex beyond most imagining because of their multi-dimensionality. These concepts are difficult for most to comprehend and therefore visualize.

Cohesion is a mechanism that is used to create patterns. Consciousnesses use this as a glue to make a chain. Through consciousnesses, creativity forms a continuum. Creativity seeks continuity for expansion. Growth of consciousness requires a backbone, a continuous structure, therefore cohesion. Cohesion within the continuum structure provides cushioning and flexibility in addition to connection. These fundamentals of creation are used over and over again, by various levels of consciousness.

Without love—which contains within it tremendous desire—these structures, these patterns, these continuums, would lead to incoherence rather than intelligent design.

So, what does this mean?

If you have all of the tools of the universe at your fingertips, and if you do not also have love, intention, and harmonious desire, you will have chaos. Now there is nothing wrong at all with chaos. The problem with chaos is that you must continue to recreate it. Chaos does not sustain on its own.

I offer a way for you to experiment with this. When next you find yourself holding the intention for a specific outcome, instead of including a broad scope or the big picture, merely focus on one small attribute of the overall intention or goal. Change the one attribute by focusing intently on that attribute solely.

I will say this again in a different way: it is time to learn that you are able to alter one aspect of an overall vision, and in doing so, this sends ripples outward and will inform the rest of the creation, bringing to you the result you desire. And you can try this yourself. When experimenting with this process, it will be necessary to focus with a level of intensity on the one aspect such that for a moment you are aware of nothing other than the single aspect. You must channel all of your energy in that moment into that aspect, into a crystal-clear vision of how you would have that one aspect change, evolve or manifest. This imbues the creation with a burst of energy. Now this ability is best used by those who have already understood and used the principles of working with probabilities.

At any time, you may touch upon the merest, smallest detail of the largest, grandest creation. And in focusing on that one detail, you would know the entire outcome, the complete creation. This is efficient and allows you to focus on many more things, creating many more things at one time. You are ready to hear, understand and utilize this approach. This is a very familiar process for you, as this is how you operate at higher levels of your being already. You would do well to focus on one small detail at a time. When turning your attention onto the single detail, with a burst of focus, once you have delivered that focus onto the detail, you are done. There is no benefit to continuing the focus. These are relatively short bursts, concentrated and complete unto themselves.

You do not need to justify your ability to create, for you are all creators, all of the time. Where you limit yourselves, additionally, is when you believe you create or can only create within specific parameters or under particular circumstances. If you understood that you are creating in every moment, you would accept this as your nature and you would stop tripping yourselves up. If you were not a creator in the body, you would not breathe. Creativity is a simple as that, and as complex.

Creative thinking allows one to peek through the back door into universes previously unknown. One of the first creative thoughts consciousness has is: If all is known to me, is there then something unknown? And in asking that question, the doors begin opening. Therefore, asking yourself the same gets you unstuck. If your focus is attuned to only those things you know or believe you know, then you know everything and nothing unknown can come to you.

One of the most powerfully creative statements you can utter is “I don’t know,” because following that comes all of the “knows”. All of what is unknown rushes in to become known to you.

The moment you declare “I know this to be true,” you cut yourself off from further creative thought. Say instead, “I have learned this to be possible and I am available to discover more.”

This approach, even in your private life, advances all. That is another consideration as a creator. A creator should always include him or herself in the creating—meaning, maintaining your understanding of others who are your fellow creators will help you to understand the power that lies within you, indeed, that IS you.

Sometimes, when a channeling session is over, I will receive some final words or concepts as I return to my normal waking state.This was one of those times and I could tell Teacher had more to add about playing with creative abilities by jumping from an attitude of “I believe” into an attitude of “I create". You can turn up the dial. To say “I believe it” inserts a lag; it’s still not fully owning your own creative power. Instead, jump right into “I create it."

You either create or you don’t, so if you’re going to create something, go straight to that. No intending, just go straight to that. Teacher likens this to someone who is just training for a track meet versus a person who is actually running the race after the starting pistol has gone off. It’s a next level, faster way to get across the finish line of where you want to go. There is boldness in that approach.

Be bold. Creators are bold beings. There is nothing shy about creating. Creating is not repose.

With love,

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