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"We can tell you that you are being held dearly at this time."
The loving words above were shared by angelic beings during a session a few weeks ago. Since the virus outbreak began, I've been encouraged to document messages coming through from spirit guides and allies. I knew it could be helpful to share some of these, yet every time I sat down to write, I would be given a gentle suggestion to wait:

“Not right now, all of you are busy adjusting to the shock wave caused by this event and to day-to-day matters of survival.”
This made sense so I shelved the messages.
Until yesterday . . . when I sat down to write and immediately sensed I should start by reciting the opening prayer I use in client sessions. This was odd since I was by myself and not working with anyone. I decided to trust the psychic nudge and say the prayer. Right away, I understood that it was finally time to share what I’d been gathering over these past couple of months.

I looked at my random collection of handwritten notes and wondered how in the world I would compose it into a piece that made sense. Spirit immediately encouraged me to transcribe the messages just as I received them, with no edits except perhaps a small amount of reordering by topic. I was told I could trust that the resulting laundry list of key points would have meaning to those who felt called to read them.
Hopefully, you will find the following information as interesting, evocative, and helpful as I do. Some of it may resonate, and some of it may not. Parts of the information, which was shared in sessions several weeks ago, have recently come to light in news stories. Perhaps more will as well, in time.
Proceed with an open heart and mind, and feel free to add your own wisdom along with any intuitive guidance you may be receiving during personal spiritual practice. I believe we hold a tremendous amount of influence regarding the future. As many of our wisest spiritual teachers remind us: the present moment is the point of power and we create with our focus.

May we all focus upon truth, beauty, health, happiness, light, and joy as much, and as often, as we can right now.
Please keep in mind that the information shared below is not a substitute for professional medical or financial advice. Cultivate a well-rounded support system which includes intelligent approaches to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being.

. . .

Messages from Spirit Regarding the Coronavirus Outbreak
  • You are now learning how it is to work with one another in new ways: societally, politically, economically, and relationally. You see that even as your way of living—indeed your literal existence—is threatened, you remain able to come together to support one another.
  • This quarantine reflects great underlying fear and mistrust which has been building for the past two decades in your world. The virus represents the apex of this unified fear. It is the ultimate terror: a silent and invisible killer that can cross any border and has no vanquisher. It reigns supreme, able to cause an entire planet to scurry for safety and shelter. Most of you are having to grow new and more productive uses for fear. It will require your unified grace, not your fear, to manage this outbreak.
  • It will be found that actual numbers of humans infected by this virus is profound. Your current data misses the mark by tens of percentage points. The better number would be the miniscule tally of those who are not infected.
  • Many, many thousands are ill and do not realize it. Some of your bodies do not fare well with this disease. The chains of invincibility are quickly and easily broken due to a genetic reaction stemming from famine in generations past. The species developed a hereditary “back door” elimination option so that there would be enough food to sustain the remaining, viable population. This virus triggers that culling response.
  • A number of those who have died were planning (at the soul level) to do so anyway, or looked to this as an opportunity to exit quickly and in such a way that their living family members wouldn’t be burdened with long term care or decisions. Because this virus was birthed and grew in rippling blast waves, some souls chose to see the outbreak as a “war”. They wanted to experience a combat death and would not have been able to otherwise.
  • The virus itself is mechanized to glide quickly and easily like a skater. Sustaining momentum, it will cycle and reinfect four times. However, with each iteration, it becomes more and more hollow in its internal structure, growing lighter and paper-thin.
  • There is a concern we have of a newer "sibling" version of this virus growing and releasing. It will be clumsier and less targeted, however, still able to land on populations having lesser health, sanitation, nourishment, and economy. Focus should be kept on these communities even after treatment, as they will remain highly vulnerable and susceptible.
  • This pandemic initiates a new age of virus forecasting—much like your seasonal weather forecasts and planning for storms. You will implement a method so your communities will know in advance when to lockdown and don masks and other protective gear while a particular virus wave crests. In the future, your homes will be stocked with these items normally, in the same way you now keep coats, hats, scarves, gloves, and umbrellas.
  • Alternative living arrangements will spring from this current era: off-planet, space stations, and underground options, some under water.
  • The children who are around age ten at this time will grow to become the business, political, and medical leaders who will finally be able to unite funds, healthcare and equipment for universal virus mitigation and global relief.
  • Collectively, through your devices, you can immediately see, hear, and know the acute suffering of others. Even if you are not sick or dying, and are not caring for those who are sick and dying, you can still feel your body react to your brothers’ and sisters’ anguish. This is devastating in obvious and subtle ways. You are traumatized and in shock even if you are at home on your couch. During this time, your body and mind requires more than the usual amounts of rest and sleep to recover.
  • Keep breathing, very deep and full. Activate fullness and depth in the lungs, using mouth and nostrils: flex, open, purse lips to alternate breaths. Exhale vigorously into cloth to change pressure in lungs which will allow phlegm to move.
  • Dissolve vitamin tablets in lukewarm water and drink vitamin C and zinc. The body’s response to this virus will be passed into the reproductive processes, particularly males and sperm, which will result in more twins being born for the next four generations acting as a temporary boost to the global immune system. The species will intuit that more and greater viruses will be coming so this ensures survival. The species will need to grow a much stronger immunity foundation. New organisms that are alien to your bodies will begin to present more often and in greater numbers.
  • Animal species will adapt to this virus too. There is a version of it that will exist in bodies of water affecting plant life and organisms within that ecosystem. As in humans, this will trigger the environment to grow stronger and hardier. Later, living derivations of this virus will be observed in ice samples (centuries from now).
  • Financial recovery will be relatively swift after a sharp downturn. Yes, the needle skips and wobbles but it will be righted quickly and firmly.
  • Economically, leaders who demonstrate disability regarding public health and social issues will keep financial foundations much more secure than other, more humanitarian leaders. In later generations there will no longer need to be this kind of choice-making between wealth and health, leaders will not be required to stand in an either/or position.
  • You will see an easing, a gentleness amidst the rebuilding. Economic fluctuations will be present, however, and again, there is a definite sense of rebuilding after the storm. You will find life, and each other, to be precious in such a way as most have never felt before.
  • To this we would add that there is also a heart-opening sense and deep-seated faith that ultimately all will be well. And how can that be? Situations and events will indeed stabilize and the world will together feel the new day, a rebirth. Quite literally, you will emerge from your quarantines and reenter the world with a heightened sense of wonder and curiosity about your lives individually, and your lives as a group on this planet.
  • Regarding health, activity, and nutrition: you will discard the indoor life, not only as a reaction to the current isolation, but you will naturally, organically, and instinctively be drawn to being outdoors. This tips the scale back from an over-reliance on virtual reality versus real (organic) life. This results in a very nice blending of celebration of your physical body and surroundings with the use of technologies and devices. (Remembering, however, that ALL realities are ultimately virtual—however, Meaghan tells us that is a conversation for another time.)
. . .
We are being invited to step into a new version of our world. It is an extraordinary opportunity to lead with grace, love, and courage. I know we can do it; we have been given all we need to create the next phase capably with compassion. Each of us holds a spark of the Divine within our hearts.
Thank you for doing all that you do within your own families, businesses, and communities. I have seen miracles happen amidst us earth angels these past few weeks. Keep the blessings flowing!

Be well.
With love, Meaghan

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