How to become a Creativity and Innovation Manager? Improve QS partnering results in new training offering. How to organize Exploration Days? April Newsletter.
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Innovation: the buzzword of today. Every company needs innovation to stay relevant. Without innovation there is no future. Adobe has Kickbox, Google has a 20% time policy, Atlassian has ShipIt Days, etc., etc. In this blog more information about Creativity and Innovation.

Seven Rules to become a Creativity Manager, or how to organize Exploration Days? At the Leadership Resource Hub at the Management 3.0 site you can find more information about creativity and innovation at the workplace. 

Agile Strides is partnering with ImproveQS in offering Management 3.0 training. As a result, Agile Strides offers several new trainings like Rapid Software Testing and Acceptance Test Driven Development.
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238 things I learned about Exploration Days

Do you, as manager, want to increase the culture of innovation, or get people enthusiastic about learning again? You probably already told them several times they can spend time on self-education, but you no results. One good practice is to organize Exploration Days. Exploration Days are meant as an invitation to your employees to learn and develop themselves by running experiments and exploring new ideas. The goal is to get employees to learn as much as possible and perhaps even to come up with new ideas and insights. How to organize them and to prevent some common pitfalls, read this blog.

Ranking the Team

I attended a sprint review of a team a few weeks ago. The results were impressive, the team delivered more than their forecast: they established 133%, excellent result I thought. At one moment during the review, the Product Owner showed a slide and graded the team a 7 (out of a possible 1 to 10). Just one slide with one big seven. I was astonished… I didn’t know what to think about this…. What I did? Read more about it here.

Visualize Values and Name your Team

I believe it is important that team members know their team values. What do you find important as a team? Do you believe innovation is important, do you want to have fun every day, or is being a professional something you value as a team? Why is this important? Continue reading here.

Workshop Work Together Anywhere

More and more people will work distributed in the next years. Working distributed requires more focus on communication, increasing camaraderie, excellent facilitating of meetings and continuously improving your communication practices.
In the workshop Work Together Anywhere we will focus on these areas. We will discuss about how to set expectations for how to work together, simulate the office, increase the togetherness on your remote team, facilitate online meetings like a pro and give and receive feedback in a virtual team.

Lisette Sutherland and I will run a workshop in Utrecht, May 27th. For more information, click here.

Rapid Software Testing

When someone tosses you a program and says "you have one hour to test this" can you do it? Are you confident in your work? Can you explain what you did and why?
This unique 3-day course introduces you to Rapid Software Testing, the skill of testing any software, any time, under any conditions, such that your work stands up to scrutiny. Based on the ideas of James Bach, Michael Bolton, and Cem Kaner, with substantial contributions by other members of the Context-Driven School of software testing, this is the closest thing in the business to a martial art of software testing. Because we emphasize exercises, it is challenging for experienced testers, but works for new testers, too. This course provides hands-on demonstrations and drills as well as portable heuristics that help you create tests quickly.
The next training is schedule 27 June – 29 June in Utrecht. For more information about dates and details of the training click here.


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