How to improve communication between professionals in different teams. Don't implement the Spotify-model. Agile Strides partnering with Practical Agile and Mozaicworks.
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Summer is coming up, we can already enjoy some good weather in the Netherlands.

Spotify... THE example for many companies nowadays. Who doesn't want to copy the Spotify-model? Me! In this newsletter I will explain why.

You spend, on average, five days a week at work. Shouldn't that be a place that motivates you and your teams leads in every possible way? Read more about how to find out what motivates people in my blog Move your Motivators.

I am already creating plans for after the summer. Agile Strides has set up partnerships with Improve Quality Services, Mozaicworks, Practical Agile and coMakeIT. Together we would like to give everyone a better workplace and one of the steps is to teach people about Management 3.0. Not only in the Netherlands but also in Romania, Israel and India.In this newsletter you will also find a poster with the 12 steps to Happiness. Can you implement all these steps?
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Getting your Guilds Going!

I believe in craftsmanship. I believe that when you are a real professional, you constantly want to learn and grow your skills. You can find more about that subject in my blog What did you do to become a better professional. I also believe that as a manager, but also a professional, you should try to build an organization where people have the opportunity to learn and grow themselves. You should stimulate people to visit conferences, to go to other companies to exchange experiences, to read books, to do training on sites such as PluralSight, to read blogs, and maybe even write blogs themselves, etc. I think it is equally important, however, to show your people that you are serious about knowledge development. You can do this by giving people the opportunity to develop themselves during working hours.Read more here...

I don't want to implement the Spotify-model!

Spotify is cool, Spotify is hip, Spotify is epic, Spotify rules or whatever you call it nowadays. In the last month I heard three (serious) organizations saying they want to implement or copy the Spotify-model and I know some organizations are working on implementing it as we speak.

I believe this is the worst thing you can do why, read my arguments, based on complexity thinking, in this blog.

Move your Motivators

What really motivates you? Do you know why you come out of bed every working day to go to work? I believe that motivation is very important. When I present myself to people I talk about my working experience and my experience as "being" Agile Strides. I don't think about this as work. If you can discover what motivates you or your team members, you can create an environment where they will be motivated, Read more about how you can learn about motivators here.
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Gratis kennis sessie "Software architectuur in een Agile context"

30 juni zal de tweede kennis sessie worden gehouden. In een serie van 6 bijeenkomsten worden alle aspecten van software ontwikkeling besproken door experts uit de praktijk.De sessies worden georganiseer door coMakeIT en Agile Strides.
De eerste sessie ging over Agile Portfolio Management en werd inhoudelijk verzorgd door Patrick Verheij.
In het Agile development proces lijkt de rol van de software architect soms uitgespeeld. Dat is immers volledig in strijd met de agile gedachte dat het team alles zelf beslist.
Deze tweede sessie wordt door Peter Doornbosch Software Architect bij Luminis. Op een interactieve manier gaat hij in op:
  • Wat is software architectuur eigenlijk
  • Waarvoor heb je het nodig
  • Wat is het verschil tussen een product en een project
  • Wat is de positie en verantwoordelijkheid van een architect
  • Hoe verhoudt een architect zich tot het ontwikkelteam
  • Hoe agile moet een architectuur zijn
Vanaf 16.00 uur ontvangen wij jou graag in Villa Amalia te Baarn. Meer informatie over deze sessie vind je hier.
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Rapid Software Testing

When someone tosses you a program and says "you have one hour to test this" can you do it? Are you confident in your work? Can you explain what you did and why?
This unique 3-day course introduces you to Rapid Software Testing, the skill of testing any software, any time, under any conditions, such that your work stands up to scrutiny. Based on the ideas of James Bach, Michael Bolton, and Cem Kaner, with substantial contributions by other members of the Context-Driven School of software testing, this is the closest thing in the business to a martial art of software testing. Because we emphasize exercises, it is challenging for experienced testers, but works for new testers, too. This course provides hands-on demonstrations and drills as well as portable heuristics that help you create tests quickly.
The next training is scheduled between 27-29 June in Utrecht or between 13-15 September in Utrecht with James Bach. For more information about dates and details of the training click here.


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