Summer is coming. Scrum and Distributed Teams. How to make decisions in distributed teams.
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We are moving into the summer. Temperatures are rising, and slowly people are starting to prepare for their summer holidays in Europe.

I had a great Spring. I released my book Doing It - Management 3.0 Experiences and received good feedback from readers. One person asked me if he could translate it to French and someone else if he could translate it to Chinese. I feel honored. I organized and attended the workshop Lean Change Management from Jason Little. If you are involved in change, really a must do. I wrote some blog posts, also shared in this email. Last week I did my first public pilot of a new workshop about Metrics. I received good feedback, and there is room for improvement. Hopefully, I can schedule some more workshops after the summer.

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Scrum only works with co-located teams

People always tell me Scrum (and Agile) only works with co-located teams. Some people even say it is in the Agile Manifesto. I worked with many distributed Scrum teams, and my opinion is different. I believe Scrum and distributed teams can go hand in hand. 
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Upcoming workshops


NEW: Two-Day Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop

Learn everything about Agile Leadership, how to become a better leader in an Agile Organization. Based on the books of Jurgen Appelo. The most innovative, and pragmatic Management Workshop available at this moment. The NEW foundation workshop with new materials, visual designs, and ideas.


Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) is een framework voor het opschalen van agile development naar meerdere teams. LeSS bouwt voort op Scrum principes als empirisme, cross-functional, zelf-organiserende teams en levert een framework om dat op schaal toe te passen. Het geeft simpele structurele regels en richtlijnen over hoe Scrum te adopteren in omvangrijke productontwikkeling.

Work Together Anywhere Workshop

In the Work Together Anywhere Workshop you will learn and share experiences related to distributed working. Why make agreements so explicit in a distributed environment, How to simulate the office online, How to create a meeting experience like you’re co-located and How to give feedback in distributed environment and improve continuously.

A complete overview of all events you find here. If you are interested in organizing a workshop in-house, please contact me.

If you think there is an interesting business opportunity in your city related to organizing, for example, a Management 3.0 Workshop, please contact me.

Distributed Teams: Hell-to-Make

I am part of a distributed team: Happy Melly One. We have ten people in our team, are spread over five different time zones. We work with freelancers. Most of us also have other projects that they are involved. We are responsible for Management 3.0 and Happy Melly. Like every organization, we need to experiment, make decisions and adapt when necessary.

Some decisions are easy to make. If necessary, you inform the people concerned, and done. When I need to order new items for the web shop, I just order the new supplies. When I decide to merge some files into a new folder on our team share, I just do it. Life can be easy, sometimes…
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