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March 2018 Newsletter

Lean Change Management
Some people are resistant to change, whereas others either don't mind it or even embrace it. Whether or not you accept it, most people don't want to be changed.

When considering change, take five minutes to think about two positive and two negative changes in regards to business. Write them down and then ask yourself who was responsible for those changes? Who triggered the positive ones and who triggered the negative ones? More often than not we'll give ourselves credit for the positive and point our fingers at others for the negative.

Change is a complex process that oftentimes involves other people, which can further complicate the course of action. However, change is a necessary measure in order for us to adapt to our new environment.

So how can we start the change process?
Lean Change Management
Lean Change Management (LCM) is an approach that can help you with change. LCM is an action-biased collection of modern change management ideas, practices, and tools inspired by Agile, Lean, and Lean Startup thinking that have been designed to help your organization keep up with today’s torrid pace of change.

LCM won't make your change easier, but it will provide you with the basic framework to help get you started. It has three major steps: generate Insights, think about your Options and run Experiments. Experiment, you need to prepare, introduce or run, and review. This will give you new insights on what could generate new options, etc. It is a continuous circle, and experiments can start at any time. You don't need to work with iterations.
Impact Matrix
The impact matrix looks at four possible groups of people being faced with change. The Promotors--the people who are highly affected by the change, and who are also eager to implement it. The Ambassadors--people who are not affected by the change, but who believe in it and are willing to support it. And The Worriers--the people who are highly affected by the change and who are not willing to change. Read More...

If you want to learn more about how to help people to move in the matrix, attend one of our Lean Change Agent workshops.
Change Canvas Download
An important aspect of the "change process" is visualizing your progress. One way to do that is to create your own personal change wall to track your growth. My personal favorite, is using the Change Canvas, use the paper or better put it on the wall as an information radiator.
The Change Agent Game
The Change Agent Game was originally published in Jurgen Appelo’s book How to Change the World. This game consists of the 34 questions, which are listed in the book, and was created to encourage players to respond to the questions on the cards and to share stories of successful change management processes.

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