Preserve Your Family Legacy
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Preserving Your Family Legacy

"When an elder dies it's as if an entire library has burned down."

Family Legacies Videos and Success Stories Videos

For 16 years, we’ve been preserving life stories on professional, high definition video and creating stories and legacies that will be cherished for generations….
Your life story and your loved ones’ life stories are also fascinating and valuable. . . During a professional interview in your home or office, wherever you live, we will travel to you, and ask the questions that bring the stories to life.  Our award winning camera crew and editors will then turn the interview into a memorable and impactful professional film of which you and your friends and family will be immensely proud.

Why is preserving your Family Legacy so important?

Here are our top ten reasons to do it now!

Top 5 Reasons to preserve your Family Legacy:
  1. You’ve worked hard to get where you are today. Share the story of this hard work, and your achievements and struggles, so your descendants can learn from you.
  2. Over the years you’ve developed an important life philosophy and set of values worth sharing with future generations in your family.
  3. Before preparing questions relevant to your life, our professional interviewers help you prepare, through a detailed pre-interview session.  All you have to do is relax and have an enjoyable conversation.
  4. Enjoy the incredible trip down memory lane that we professionally and compassionately guide you through.
  5. Give your family the greatest gift there is: roots and values.
Top 5 Reasons to preserve the Legacy of your parents or other loved ones:
  1. There is no greater gift than allowing your loved one to re-live their life in a warm and compassionate setting. It gives them a powerful sense of identity, immense pride and the knowledge that they are leaving a valuable treasure for future generations.
  2. The experience of re-living your life with our caring professional interviewers is second to none.  Your loved ones will receive a professional video, AND an amazing experience during the process.
  3. Allowing your loved one’s voice to be heard is a powerful gift, beyond what you can imagine.
  4. Your loved one will watch it over and over. After that, they will share the incredible memoir with family and friends.
  5. Preserve your loved ones Family Legacy in a professional video format, before the stories are lost forever.

Each month we’ll feature two quotes from our much-loved clients’ life stories that our staff has taken to heart:

“Life is full of bumps in the road, but in between the bumps you’ve got to giggle.”   – Harold Grueskin

Harold Grueskin Clip 8-2015

"Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”
  – Bill Moore

Bill Moore
Call now to begin this important adventure
before the stories are gone forever – 303-503-5697.

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With warmest regards,
Susan Brody, President

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