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Inhale again.
Exhale again.
Do you notice your breath? And if you do, do you immediately change it to what it "should" be? What should it be? Have you spent so much time manipulating your breathing through your practice that you no longer have a natural breath? Stop and listen — are you breathing in ujjayi right now? Have you received so many different breathing cues that you are confused about what breathing is all about? Do you feel confident when teaching a yoga class mentioning breathing, or directing a breathing practice?

Finding Kevala Pranayama will be running again starting April 5 (5 weeks from today). Meeting on Tuesdays from 2 – 3pm ET for 11 weeks we'll dig into the physiology of breathing and apply that to breathing in a yoga setting. We'll explore the differences between therapeutic breathing, experiential breathing, and esoteric breathing. You'll develop a daily pranayama practice, and we'll discuss what's happening in pranayama, looking at the body through both the western medical model, as well as a yogic subtle body paradigm. We'll talk about what it feels like to breathe in these different ways, and how you can teach better breathing to others in your classes based on both science and tradition.
Finding Kevala Pranayama
Tuesdays April 5 – June 14
2 – 3 pm ET
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When I came out of my 200h YTT I was parroting what my teachers had said about breathing. Cues were embedded in the phrases that I used to guide people through poses and sequences without enough understanding what I was saying or why. Pranayama, although I had practiced a lot of it, was scary to teach. It took some time to wade through the waters of it all (you can read more about that in my latest blog post — WAWADIP?.) I've moved from breathing all over the place, to not giving breathing cues at all, to finding the middle ground, holding both the science of breathing and the yogic practices.

Sign up today and join me for these 11 weeks in Finding Kevala Pranayama to develop a deeper understanding of breathing. Know why, when, and how you might (or might not) give breathing cues with knowledge and wisdom.
Learn more, and breathe easy.


The breath is like a soothing friend holding your hand as you walk into fear or loneliness or anger, encouraging you to stay with it. And if you feel like running away, observe that. And the breath is always there, in, out, in, out.


Interview with Larry Rosenberg by Amy Gross, “The Art of Doing Nothing”

Finding Kevala Pranayama 
Live Tuesdays 2 – 3pm ET
April 5 – June 14
This course includes weekly pre-recorded lectures and other materials for you to watch and read on your own time, and a 1-hour group Zoom call where we discuss and integrate that material. Space is limited. Sign up now.
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