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to Allow Religious Attire
Asma Elbadawi, a basketball player and coach, has launched a petition to FIBA, the International Basketball Federation, to lift the ban on headgear to allow players in turbanshijabs, and other religious headgear to play basketball. 
To Read
The Hijab Hurdle in Sports
by Jennifer S. Bryson and Sajda Ouachtouki
In 2014 FIFA lifted its ban on hijab with soccer uniforms. Bryson and Ouachtouki explain some of the athletic, safety, and religious freedom issues involved in religious headgear with sports uniforms, especially for women.
At left: players from Afghanistan's Women's Soccer Team.
Blasphemy Bulls-eye
by Kunwar Khuldune Shahid
"A state can’t exercise excommunication and uphold punishments for blasphemy, while simultaneously claiming to fight against terror groups founded upon these very principles. If the state really wants to pay a tribute to one of its finest artists, it must take away the biggest weapon that his killers had: blasphemy accusation."
To Watch (Arabic)

Dr. Adnan Ibrahim on apostasy and
the sanctity of life in Islam                                                            

يتحدث د. عدنان إبراهيم عن حرمة النفس
وقضية الردة في الإسلام
د. عدنان إبراهيم :  هل حد المرتد القتل؟
CIRF's Summer 2016 Art and Poetry
Contest Winners
First Place Art: Whittni Brown-Abdullah
Quran 2:256
Artist's Description:
I made hands in the shape of du'a (supplication), and made the palms like hearts. In the hands are tasbih (rosary beads) that spell out the name Allah. There's also the imagery of earth and moons. This piece is mixed media: watercolor, colored pencil, and bead/gems.
Second Place Art: Ghada Khan
Quran 2:256
Artist's Description
This piece depicts the verse [2: 256]: “ There is no compulsion in religion, sound judgment has become clear from error,” using Square Kufic Arabic calligraphy. This style was chosen for both its rich traditional roots within Islamic architectural design as well as its remarkable representation of modern pixel art.
First Place Poetry: Delia Dagli
Morning Has Broken
In the darkness of night
Sitting, staring into the darkness
Knowing not on what a foot may fall 
Briar, Bramble or Gravel path
Slowly the light begins to creep into the darkness
diluting its wretched cold with the warm rays of something Other
the Heart wakes and Fear is surrendered to Certainty
Second Place Poetry: Siraj Khan
The Fabric of Faith
Of all the souls that stand create, I was also given one 
When breath and spirit fly away, my life will be done 
My belief is also mine from God 
In my faith, deed and reflection 
The Quran taught me clearly so 
With compulsion, it is no religion

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Summer 2016 Art & Poetry Contests
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