ONL Study Break
Thursday, May 5
6 - 8 PM in ONL Office (1300 36th St)

Grab dinner and take a study break with ONL! We'll have wings and fries from Wingo's, as well as create your own study kits for you to take home!

This will be a first come, first served event. See you there!
Move Out Checklist
This information can also be found on our website.
  • Sign up to participate in the Move Out Drive to get rid of bulk trash and donate items such as food, small appliances, clothes and books!
  • Know when your lease ends and/or the date you must renew it
    • Typically, most leases require you to give notice to your landlord before you move out and it's often tied to when your rent is due.  Check your lease for this information. (eg: June 1st vs June 15th)
    • Put your Move Out notice in writing. Make sure it includes the following:
      • Current Date
      • Your Name
      • Your Current Address
      • Your Current Phone Number
      • Date You Intend to Move Out
      • Date You Will Return Keys
      • Your Future Phone Number
      • Your Future Address
  • Request a walk-through with your landlord to see what needs to be fixed/cleaned
    • If your landlord is unable to do a walkthrough, request in writing a list of what is required of you before you move out
    • Complete another walk-through form
      • Take pictures along with the walk through form to show the condition of the unit. Timestamp pictures whenever possible
  • Return your keys in person (from a safe distance)!
    • Ask the landlord to sign a statement, acknowledging the return of your keys.
    • If you are unable to return keys in person, send them certified mail, return receipt requested and insure it. A landlord can continue to charge you until your keys are returned and can charge you for a lock change.
  • Ask your landlord for a specific date for when you can expect your security deposit. You should have determined any stipulations regarding the security deposit when you signed the lease, so check your lease for details.
    • Make sure you know how the deposit will be returned. Clarify if one roommate will get the security deposit or if it will be divided amongst all tenants.
    • Your landlord must return your security deposit less any deductions for damage in a reasonable amount of time. Make sure to discuss this amount of time with landlord and get it in writing.
    • Send any requests, problems, or follow ups to phone conversations/in person conversations in writing to your landlord by certified mail with return receipt requested.
  • Check that your mail is being forwarded to your new address (

Running of the Chihuahuas
Saturday, May 7th
2 - 5 pm
More information here!

DC’s funniest Cinco de Mayo celebration returns to The Wharf for a day of fun and festivities. Celebrate the 10th Annual Running of the Chihuahuas present by Pacifico with us! The day will include cold Pacifico beer, live music, family fun, and of course, the races!

The highlight of the afternoon, the races features over 90 Chihuahuas racing in groups of eight on a sixty foot “race track.” All the action is captured on a huge video wall and the winners take home pet-friendly gifts, prizes, and more! ALL race proceeds benefit Rural Dog Rescue – a non-profit organization dedicated to pulling dogs from high-kill rural shelters.

Maintain your yard and the public space adjacent to it!
Notice overgrown weeds and grass coming in as the weather gets warmer? Overgrown weeds and grass can be unsightly and, among other things, a hiding place for rats.

Your lease should say whether or not your landlord provides yard maintenance services for your property. If you, the tenant, are responsible for yard maintenance, ONL has a lawn mower, weed spray, gloves, and more for you to borrow!  Just stop by the office to check out the necessary supplies

Avoid getting a city ticket or a University citation and maintain your yards and (if you have one) the tree boxes adjacent to your property.  Pages 20 & 24 in the Hoya Neighborhood Living Guide cover property maintenance at your off-campus rental.

Thank you for helping to maintain your property in the neighborhood!

Tips to Reduce Test Anxiety
More tips here!

Most students experience some test anxiety. Try out a few of the following tips to make through this finals season!

  • Get a good night’s rest before the exam. Don’t try to stay up all night by taking caffeine or drugs. You are likely to feel tired, irritable, and distracted by the time of the exam.
  • Don’t create disastrous scenarios for yourself or put your whole future on the line with a single test. It is unlikely that one test will “make or break” your chances for a happy or successful future. Learn to imagine yourself remaining calm and in control. Use your imagination in a positive way and cast yourself in the role of a winner, not a loser.
  • Learn to recognize the underlying causes of your anxiety. Think about why you become anxious. Recognize that some thoughts are negative and self-defeating. For each emotional, frightening thought, come up with a rational counter-thought.

Maker Hub De-Struct and De-Stress
Friday, May 6th
3 - 5 pm

Need a break or just want to break something? Drop-in to our "De-Struct" session for some cathartic dismantling. The Maker Hub will provide a variety of trashed electronics for you to take apart, but you are also welcome to bring your own items to ruin!

Note: Close-toed shoes must be worn in the Maker Hub. Please see the Safety Page for all Maker Hub rules

RSVP here!

Move Out Drive
May 9 - June 5
May’s festivities are upon us and with that launches Georgetown University’s annual Move Out Drive! The Move Out Drive is Georgetown’s end-of-the-school-year contribution to our community and the environment, inviting you to "re-purpose your packing" by donating gently used household items to local charities. The Office of Neighborhood Life, the Office of Sustainability, GU Planning and Facilities Management, and local charity Keys for the Homeless will work to collect your donations and give them to those living in poverty in the DC region.

For more information and to register for the Move Out Drive, click here.
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