Summer is swimming along just fine at Exodus.
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July 2015 Newsletter

A Hand Up, not a Hand Out

What's going on at Exodus Place? Read on to find out and to learn how you can take part in this great journey of recovery, rehabilitation, and growth.

Chaplain’s Corner
“It’s just amazing to see guys in wheelchairs, with physical disabilities, conquer their physical disabilities through archery. Guys with emotional challenges like depression, anger, a lack of self-worth, are constantly defeated in life. They find success through just shooting arrows. The fellowship and encouragement are strong on Tuesdays for these two hours. I started this 2 and a half years ago when Robb asked me to start something for the guys. We went to an off-site place to shoot arrows, and I thought, “Wouldn’t that be nice to do here?” I found out how to develop a program for people struggling in life, and the rest is what you see today.”
Our archery program also encourages men to finish their parole and probation time, as participants cannot shoot bows while under ‘weapons’ restrictions. This has been a great step in some of our residents’ paths to recovery, as they watch a group of other men gather regularly to do something very unique and, well, manly!
Education Department
Jim, the tutor and educator at Exodus, also has updates for the summer. “We’re going to start reading and math assignments for the men so we know where they’re at. Then we can get them workplace-ready with all the materials I’ve collected from 13 years of teaching adults. Some guys struggle with their number sets but others are in college.”
He has programs for them all, starting with a pre-GED training program that teaches men basic math and reading skills. After successfully passing their GED exam, men can then work with Jim to become college-ready, especially using typing skills. Imagine entering prison before cell phones existed and being released into the age of the Internet. Jim’s patience and hard work tutoring our residents is a crucial factor of each person’s exodus journey.
Resident Testimonial
Matt has been a resident in and out of Exodus Place. He has been making progress in his life thanks to God’s plan. “I’ve been here before and I didn’t want to come back.” But this time around, Matt found that he was able to take on a part-time job, get involved in the fishing club, and help out with the fundraiser.
He has a teenage daughter that he’s recently been able to reconnect with, thanks to the mentoring and guidance from the staff at Exodus Place. He catches up with her regularly on social media and celebrates holidays and birthdays with her.
He never could have expected this from his personal history, which involves several prison sentences. But if he hadn’t wound up in prison, he never would have realized, “I needed to change my life. God led me to this place. That’s not the life I want to go back to.”
His family supports his decision to live at Exodus Place because they can see the change it’s made in his ability to retain a job and his spiritual progress. He is a proud member of the Workforce Development Team, which is the residential on-site employment program. Duties vary from snow removal during our chilly Michigan winters to taking phone calls at the front desk. He attends and shares during daily devotions. Recently, he’s been listening to God’s voice telling him to be patient. He says, “Now, I’m here until God says I’m done.”
A closing message from our President, Robb Munger.
When you see one of our members who do you see?
A) A customer - a person that buys services from a business.
B) A patient - a person receiving or registered to receive medical treatment.
C) An inmate - a person confined to an institution such as a prison or hospital.
At Exodus Place, we don't give medical treatment. Instead, we dispense medication and help coordinate medical treatment as a service. 
We also do not lock up or confine anyone to a room or the building. There are no locks preventing residents from leaving.
The answer we're left with is that our residents are customers. It's important for us to remember to respect our residents just as we would expect others to respect us. At Exodus Place, we focus on Men-Mission-Me.
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