Its Berry Picking Time

In this edition of your Berry Alert you will find the picking schedule for the next couple weeks.  However stay tuned to alerts in case we run out of berries, weather goes nuts or we decide to have more open times.

The OzBF store is open on our website so please get your blueberry and blackberry We-Pick (for you), jellies and honey orders submitted.  We process them as best we can in the order received. If you are coming to pick we usually have jellies and honey available however you can pre-order and we will set them aside for you.

Just a reminder that we publish any use of chemicals on our website  This has been a good year and in summary we applied pellet fertilizer in March. No other cides - Herb, Fungi or Pest -icides   

We will be picking Duke at the beginning of the week and should have some Patriot and maybe some Blueray by June 19th. See below for variety description.

We accept cash, checks, credit or debit cards (no pin) & apple or google pay. U-Pick Blue and Black Berries are $2.85 per lb.

We have an indoor restroom and water will be available. We supply picking buckets and a few sit-on buckets.  You may want to bring a hat, sunscreen & water bottle.  Children welcome but please no pets.

Our planned schedule is highlighted below.  However if berries are ready earlier or later we will post a new schedule.  Stay tuned!
These are the planned open times for the week of the 13th. If you cannot make our scheduled picking times then  email us @ and we will sort something out with you. 


Looks like a good crop this year.  Typically they will not be ready till the 23rd or after.  We will send a berry alert when we get close.   We are not planning a pick list this year but they get picked out early in the day so plan as such.


The first flush of strawberries are almost finished.  Blossoms are forming for the next so we will resume picking in a couple weeks.  If you put your name on the strawberry picking list we will keep working down the list and contact you as soon as the berries show up. 
This should help you plan when you would like to pick. 
  1. Typically larger berries are first and the sweeter later in the season (more sun).  Many people come multiple times in a season to pick.
  2. As we approach the peak the berries are easier to pick because the whole cluster is ripe. If you are after a bunch this is the time for you.
  3. Each variety ripens about half a week after the other.  They are listed in the typical sequence but this is a strange year so stay tuned.
  4. The longer on the bush and the sunnier it is the sweeter they get. Blueberries will not further ripen after picked.
  5. They keep several weeks in the fridge.  Important to keep them cool and ventilated.
  6. Freeze them on cookie sheets and keep them all year.
A bit about our Varieties
  • Duke - Berries are mildly tart, medium to large in size, very firm ,and retains a fresh quality longer than most other varieties. These ripen first.

  • Patriot -  The large berries have that classic sweet taste one associates with blueberries. These are our second of the season.

  • Blueray -  The huge berries growing abundantly in large clusters on the upright, open branches have a sweet, high-quality flavor.  The third in our ripening sequence.  Timing is important to be able to pick when the clusters are fully ripe.  A favorite among many of our pickers. 

  • Draper -  the superior qualities of the Draper are the firm berries, and the wonderful rich Blueberry flavor. This early mid-season variety boasts large, powder blue, firm, excellently flavored berries.  This is our last producer usually late June early July.  One of our favorites.

Below is a map for getting to OzBF   Also we are on google maps just query Ozark Berry Farm or click here:  OzBf on Google  .On picking days there will be signs at the entrance to mark the driveway.
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