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Dear Reader,

I hope this letter finds you well. Last year, at roughly the same period, I wrote in newsletter #10 that finding pockets of nature, community, healthiness, fun, common interests and sweetness in a world where alienation from our innermost nature is the number one threat, is valuable and important. Remember the excerpt from the movie "A dinner with Andre" ? Check it out again, and let yourself be taken on this little ride out of your day to day, a little mind trip to stimulate your imagination.

The above picture is a non filtered i-phone photograph of the Alentejo coast in Portugal. It was taken not long after I took a long "re-mineralization" walk with my friend Maciek, a cryptocurrency and blockchain expert (check him out talking about his current enterprises HERE) from Polland. Being in such an environment with like minded people has effects beyond what one's imagination could conceive. The "re-mineralization" walk for example, is spending 12 hours in the most stunning nature together, with music, and enjoy sand, rocks, wind, ocean salt water, giggles, fruits, conversations, lichens etc... After the physical exhaustion, the surge in energy and the pockets of freedom one can feel inside is simply incredible.

What do I mean by this ? In a capitalistic urban environment, most of our framework for stability comes from a set of socially accepted OCDs. If you are (un)lucky, you will slowly become a true addict of system things: cafeine, sugar, alcohol, meaningless tasks in a possibly meaningful job, the rate at which you should have sex according to Elle magazine, empty conversations with your partner, and what medications you should take if you feel depressed... If you are (un)lucky, you will either find a way out via creativity and the arts, or you will simply slide more into less socially accepted addictions: drugs, anorexia/boulimia, scary OCDs etc... . Most likely, it will be a combination of both. Yet, as of today, and this is a theme dear to Maciek the thinker, the most valuable thing we have is currently being used freely by coalitions of interests who do not have OUR best interests at heart: our attention. Each second that you spend surfing idly the net is a second that you don't spend elsewhere, and this very second usually makes money to somebody else. Empty content on the internet is the turbo charged sugar of our brain: anybody with kids knows.

During the walk, Maciek was telling me about a Polish science fiction author, Jacek Dukaj, whose vision in 'Extensa' of a post-singularity society (check out Ray Kurzweil for this terminology) seems to be relevant to the current directions in our world: in a technologically advanced world, people somehow make the choice to stay behind, in what seems to be more archaic societies... Further reading eventually shows that all those 'tribes' are connected to a very advanced core of humanity via an internet-like communication system.

It is a model that will be increasingly appealing to authentic human beings: a possibility to fully belong to the Zeitgeist while at the same time, staying fully connected to Nature is slowly emerging. Initially, it will be pockets of freedom by marginal communities (I contribute to one at the moment). Then it will spread.... I will finish by suggesting that as I write, the tidal wave of crypto and blockchain will profoundly change the landscape of our behaviors and interactions. It is avant-garde at the moment, sure, but how much longer....

With computerization, many notions that were before presented in a static way can be made more appealing with a dynamic approach. There are many vectors for learning and assimilating, and changing one's perspective never hurts. Lately, I have taken an interest in generative art. My latest excursion in practical uses of it is to provide the Yogi with one possible visualization of what Tristhana is. Check out the dynamic graph here. The idea is to understand that holding 3 actions in mind without some kind of pulse to give them existence relative to something else is not possible. If we take Mula Bandha for example: if you hold the lock with no variation and the same muscular exertion all the time, very quickly you wouldn't know if you were doing it or not. This idea translates easily to more than one action, and the various attention rotations can take many forms.

On another front, I have been writing for a while about introducing modern ways to think about and understand Advaita Vedanta. The article "The All is MInd" below is a first bite-sized presentation.
Now new adventures...

I am delighted to partner up with Klara Puski and suggest you to join us in October for one week of inner and outer adventures in Tuscany. Get in touch with me at, it is starting to fill up.

Kind regards,

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat,



PS: all shout-outs and other references made above are my sole choice and made without any type of link other than friendship or appreciation for the people mentioned.


Reading Material

The All is Mind...


...Awakenings... Moscatello

Oct 21st-28th 2017, Tuscany, Italy

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