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“Springtime is the land awakening; the March winds are the morning yawn.” Lewis Grizzard

Dear all,

We have THREE reasons to celebrate!

🌸 🌱  Firstly, today marks the official start of Spring. Yes!

🌎 😀  Secondly, today is also International Day of Happiness - a wonderful global initiative started a few years ago by the United Nations. If you’d like to spread a little happiness for free, you can read more about it here.

🎉 🎂  Finally, the Body Stress Release Academy in South Africa is celebrating a BIG BIRTHDAY next month. It was 30 years ago that our founders Gail and the late Ewald Meggersee started training others in the discipline of Body Stress Release...a technique they developed to help Ewald from debilitating leg pain he’d endured since a tree-climbing accident in childhood. From these humble beginnings, BSR is now being practised in 20 countries worldwide.

Some of us will be flying out to South Africa to party with our colleagues from around the world (and in my case, return to my homeland), and the rest of us will definitely be celebrating too.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ But here's the BEST bit! We don’t want you to miss we’re giving five people the chance to win FREE BSR SESSIONS by completing our BSR crossword. Print it out and post it, or simply send your answers by email (details at the bottom).

You’ll need to submit your correct and completed crossword to us by April 10th. We will pick 5 winners at random.

🏆  3 winners: BSR vouchers (worth approx. £120), redeemable at any practice
🏅  2 runners up: BSR vouchers (worth approx. £80), redeemable at any practice

There are clues on our website, our Facebook page plus our new Instagram account. Maybe even right here…! 😉  👀  🔍

Wishing you all lots of luck! And a truly lekker March!

Gwen x

Gwen Masureik
BSR Practitioner, Surrey

PS. If you haven’t yet tried Body Stress Release for yourself, click here to see if there’s a practitioner near you. Come and find us on Facebook and Instagram (@bodystressreleaseassocuk).
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Your name:
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Across ➡️
4) South African slang for nice, cool, great
6) You’ll find our European Academy in this county
8) The number of branches on our tree
9) BSR has helped a lot of people with these headaches

Down ⬇️
1) You keep these on during the session
2) This five year old fell from a tree…and the rest is BSR history
3) This South African couple created the BSR leggersee!
5) The types of body stress - mechanical, physical, chemical, mental and …
7) What does BSR unlock?

PLEASE SEND SUBMISSIONS TO: Tracy Highton, Ingledale Natural Health Centre, 1 Tanhouse Road, Broadham Green, Old Oxted, RH8 9PE or email them to

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