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Seasons of mist.✔️ Mellow fruitfulness.✔️

Hello there,

It’s time to recharge the batteries and prepare for the winter months ahead. I personally love autumn - the comfort food, the warm clothes and the chance for reinvention. Talking of which...

I qualified from Europe’s first Body Stress Release Academy in 2015 and now practise in East Sussex. I discovered BSR after 20 years as a freelance photographer...lugging around all that heavy equipment really took its toll on my poor back. I found the technique so effective that, when I decided it was time for a career change, training as a practitioner seemed obvious and I haven’t looked back. I always say that BSR is the thing people try when they think they’ve tried everything. If you haven’t yet tried Body Stress Release for yourself, click here to see if there’s a practitioner near you.

Scroll down to read how stress has its positives, how to make some seasonal adjustments, plus why our clients love BSR.

Our next issue will be out in December so, in the meantime, look after yourselves.

Warm wishes,

Rob Petherick
BSR Practitioner, Brighton & Hove

P.S. Feel free to forward this on to anyone you think might be interested in experiencing BSR. If they end up booking a trio of sessions, we might be able to discount your next booking*.

*NOT ALL practitioners participate in this offer, so please be aware that details may vary.

A positive word on stress
The onset of autumn often signifies a return to the doldrums or work-related anxieties. But did you know that stress can be really positive? It is one of our vital warning signs within the body’s system producing the ‘fight or flight’ response for survival, preparing us to fight or flee from the grizzly bear hot on our heels.

Positive stress also provides us with challenges to stimulate the brain and body. It gives us purpose and motivation. Lack of positive stress can lead to a life with little fulfilment, which can even lead to depression. So not all stress is harmful.

However, no-one wants to reach stress overload. Stress can become locked into our muscles and this disrupts the nervous system's communication with the brain, preventing the body’s ability to self-heal.

If you think you are carrying too much stress, do get in touch. Body Stress Release can help melt negative stresses away that have been stored for too long, so all you have to worry about is that bear! 🐻

Why I 💚 BSR
“I suffered for many years with a bad back. It was particularly bad in the mornings and I was struggling to get out of bed. I invested in a new mattress, then a mattress topper -  to no avail. I came across Body Stress Release on Facebook, and can honestly say that I’m completely pain free. I now realise I was dealing with so much stress. I go for a session every seven weeks and I feel on top of the problem. My sleep pattern has also improved massively too. I would say to anyone who’s struggling with their back to give it a has certainly improved the quality of my life.” Kerry, Worthing, 49.

Seasonal adjustments
Here’s how:

🤔   Take stock. The shorter days are a great opportunity to slow down and have some peaceful reflection.

🌈   Eat the rainbow. Treat your body to seasonal fruit and veg. They say the richer in colour, the better for your health.

💧   Stay hydrated. It’s easy to drink less when the sun has gone, but we still need plenty of water to stay healthy.

🏃   Don’t stop moving. Try not to let the cooler months put you off exercise. Gentle movement is a great way to boost our immune systems.

🌳   Nature IS nurture. Ah, the crunch of autumn leaves underfoot! Indulge your wild side and spend some time outside while the weather just about permits. Reconnecting with the natural world is essential for our wellbeing and creativity...come rain or shine.

Finally, here’s that full list of our practitioners again. Come find us on Facebook. We have some good promotions coming up over the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled. 👀

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