Sept. 13th, 2018
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Hikianalia Wayfinding to the Global Climate Action Summit

ARTICLE / VIDEO. Polynesian voyaging canoe Hikianalia has made landfall in Northern California. After sailing approximately 2,800-miles over 23 days, the 13-person crew arrived in the Half Moon Bay.

The Polynesian Voyaging Society is a non-profit research and educational organization dedicated to the preservation of Polynesian culture, and specifically the traditional boat-building and navigation techniques (wayfinding) of the ancient Polynesians who populated the Pacific islands. Their traditional canoe*, Hokule’a, has traveled the Pacific Ocean and demonstrated wayfinding since the mid 1970’s. In 2012 they built another canoe**, Hikianalia, to further their mission.

7.3 – “The Coast is Flat” ~ Neighborhood Communications Exercise
ARTICLE.  You ready for a BIG EARTHQUAKE?  Find out Saturday, October 27, 2018.  ACTION PLAN  for ~ 7.3 – The Coast is Flat.

This scenario is a 7.3 earthquake occurring along Highway 280, west of San Mateo.  The effects would be severe. Extrapolating from the 1989 Loma Prieta and 2014 Napa quakes effects in the more rural towns of Napa Valley and Santa Cruz, one can estimate on the Coastside several hundred red-tagged buildings, hundreds injured and dozens of fatalities.  

This exercise is focused on answering the question:  

Are you and your neighbors prepared for a disaster?

  • Do you have 1 gallon per person, per day? Do your neighbors?
  • Do  you have any vulnerable neighbors? Do they have a disaster plan?
  • Do you have a pet plan? What if you are over the hill at work?
  • Family communication plan for weekdays and weekends?

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Costanoa is an eco adventure resort where our guests can simply retreat from the chaos of everyday life and discover the pace of nature.

We are committed to providing genuine service, unique accommodations, California coastal cuisine, as well as a variety of spa and adventure activities using sustainable methods to create a quality experience for our guests in a natural environment.

Through sustainable wealth, we foster joy and wellness while sharing our unique resort.

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Pillar Point Harbor Fish 'n Fleet – Live Music, Craft Beer, Whiskey and Artisans!

Celebrate the local commercial fishing fleet and enjoy local certifiably sustainable seafood, beer & whiskey, live music and artisans! The local commercial fishing fleet works hard all year to harvest beautiful local seafood. Come and meet the fleet and eat some amazing seafood from local food vendors. Enjoy local crafts, craft beer and music while hanging out with old friends and new.

Plus, COAST TRIBE for the 3rd year!!

Painting by Pete Collum.


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Bedtime Stories ~ Koala Lou

PODCAST. Listen to Farallone Elementary School’s third grade teacher, Diana Purucker, reading Koala Lou, by Mem Fox. Koala Lou was published in 1988 by HMH Books for Young Readers. Reader/Listener age 3-8.  Ask Teacher Diana to record more!

If you like to read bedtime stories, like Diana, contact the Buzz studios and come on down and record!

If you enjoyed listening to this bedtime story, you may enjoy reading it too. Find the book at Inkspell Books in Half Moon Bay!

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1 Hour Bedtime Story Mixes ~ Listen In!

If you like to read bedtime stories contact the Buzz Studios and come on down and record!

If you enjoyed listening to this bedtime story, you may enjoy reading it too. Find the book at Inkspell Books in Half Moon Bay!

Thanks for listing to Bedtime Stories on Coastside Buzz.

This series is produced in the studios. 

How to Use Bedtime Stories as an Independent Reading Tutor!

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