JANUARY 23rd, 2019
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Save the Rogue 1 Pump Track ~ Ask Supervisor Horsley


Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety ~ Movie at HMBHS

IndieFlix Shines the Light on Anxiety with Must-See Documentary,

IndieFlix, a leading independent online streaming platform, along with its non-profit arm, the IndieFlix Foundation, is sparking a global conversation about anxiety through screenings of its brand-new documentary, Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety”.  On Wednesday February 12th beginning at 6:45PM, Half Moon Bay High School will hold a FREE screening of the documentary to open up a dialogue between local families, community leaders and experts. The event will feature a viewing of the 56-minute film, followed by an informative panel discussion.


“Drinking on the Job” with Photographer MD Housewright at the Kevin Henney Gallery

You may have already seen some of his work in Wine Enthusiast and Wine Spectator magazines; here’s your chance to see the work up close and meet the artist behind it.

Join us for a special artist’s reception with MD Housewright on January 25th at the Kevin Henney Gallery.


Nomad Chef Secret Restaurant Pop-Up @ HMB Distillery

I’m going!!  The Nomad Chef Secret Restaurant is one of the oldest and best known secret restaurants in the world, with its roots in Notting Hill, London. The Nomad Chef has landed in California and will curate a menu drawn from her experiences cooking and eating around the world.  Shelley lives in Napa now and this is the first time she has offered this in this area.

For more info on Nomad Chef, see their Website or  Facebook.



DANCE 1st Sat. of the Month at the Odd Fellows with DJ Merkes


Bring a friend or go solo. Come thinking of requests for Blake!  Dance on a real wood floor.

All ages welcome.

First Saturday of the month DJ Request Dance

7:30pm – 10pm featuring DJ Blake Merkes.

We’ll play your favorite dance tunes along with our usual danceable songs from the 60s.

No Partner needed-come join the Fun at the beautiful HMB Odd Fellows Hall!

No charge for admission. We appreciate your generous donation in support of the Scholarship Fund and other community programs of the Half Moon Bay Odd Fellows.


SAY YES! to a Prom Dress Collection Drive and Giveaway at the NEW FIT Studios

“Last year, as Coastsider Jenny Urban’s daughter, Abby, prepared for her very first prom, Urban experienced what could only be described as sticker shock.”
 ~ Half Moon Bay Review, Jan. 2019.

[Subscribe to the Half Moon Bay Review for as little as $25/year for digital access]

Any formal dress...prom, wedding.  



Other Buzz Calendar Events

Re-Creating Bo Peep for Toy Story 4: A Journey Alongside Team Bo 2/6/20
Call for Entries – 2020 Left Coast Annual Juried Exhibition Deadline 1/28/2020

SAY YES! to a Prom Dress Collection Drive and Giveaway at the NEW FIT Studios 1/25 and 2/29

Do You Have Concerns About Falling?  A Matter of Balance Program Can Help 2/11-3/31

Tech Talks for 55 and Up ~ Explore New Electronic Gadgets 1st and 3rd Thursdays


Coastside Agency Meetings:

HMB City Council ~ 1st / 3rd Tues. @ 7:00pm

HMB Planning ~ 2nd /4th Tues. @ 7:00pm  

HMB Parks and Recs ~ 4th Wed. only @ 6:00pm

Sewer Authority Mid-Coastide (SAM) ~ 2nd / 4th Mon. @ 7:00pm  

Granada Community Services District
~ 3rd Thurs. only @ 7:30pm 12/19

Montara Water & Sanitary District Meetings ~ 1st / 3rd Thurs. @ 7:30pm 12/19

Coastside County Water District ~ 2nd Tues. only @ 7:00pm  

Midcoast Community Council Meeting ~ 2nd / 4th Wed. @ 7:00pm

Coastside Fire Protection District ~ 4th Wed. only @ 6:00pm

San Mateo County Harbor District ~ 3rd Wed. only @ 6:30pm

Cabrillo Unified School District ~ 2nd Thurs. @ 7:00pm


CLICK here >>>> for more LIVE MUSIC



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Have Gray Whale Cove Crosswalk Plans Been Scrapped at its New $2.5 Million Cost?


Watch the VIDEO. Midcoast Community Council person Dan Haggerty asks Supervisor Don Horsley a great question after the MCC meeting was adjourned 1/8/2020. Thanks to PCTV (Pacific Coast TV) for capturing this exciting little nugget.

You have to watch.

Thanks for taking the time to answer, Supervisor Horsley, after a 3 hour meeting.

City HMB is First in US to Pass a Resolution for Equity Pay for Professional Athletic Competitions

VIDEO.  A resolution. Harbor Commissioner, Sabrina Brennan, requests equity in professional athletic competitions within the City of HMB that award prize money.

Brennan is Co-founder of Committee for Equity of Women Surfing and Founder of Sport Equity.

City Manager, Bob Nisbet, explains and asks Council to pass the resolution.


Charmin TP Commercial Frustrates the
Sewer Authority Mid-Coast Board

VIDEO. Public Service Announcement from Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside (SAM).

SAM Director, Rick Lohman, speaks to the “flushable wipes” problem.


It costs SAM a lot of labor hours fixing machine parts that are built for dissolvable Toilet Paper.

Read below about AB 1672 which will redefine the marketing of “Flushable” Wipes.

Charmin Commercial:

“If you want to be really clean use our flushable wipes.”


SAM Board asks that we do not buy these. If you do, please treat them like a diaper.


InPerspective: Insights, Infrastructure, and In General Topics on Sustainability by Gregg Dieguez

ARTICLE. The Attractiveness Principle 

There were three things that happened at the last MCC meeting, and they were all the same – though you may not have noticed it.
One hundred people showed up, most to protest the County’s intransigence in not allowing a home-built bicycle “pump track” to remain in use.
A bunch showed up to lobby for off-leash dog walking (and many more had attended a prior meeting). And finally, the County handed out an Early Warning Sign on it’s new coastal transportation plan, with up to 4 roundabouts, slowing traffic to 23 mph, stemming in large part from new housing complexes.
And all three of those concerns say the same thing:
the County has allowed overpopulation on the Mid-Coast to the point that people:
1. Don’t have sufficient recreational opportunities for their children
2. Can’t walk their dogs off leash without annoying other people
3. Won’t be able to drive at even half the current speed limits, when the congestion is already notable.
4. And then there’s the disaster evacuation and emergency services concerns, but that’s another article….

So what’s going on here? Simple, it’s called the Attractiveness Principle, in my words:

“If someplace is relatively more attractive than others, whether in climate, transportation, employment, or recreation, then people will keep moving there until it isn’t”. 


Highly Positive Report for Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside by Director Barbara Dye

VIDEO. Granda Community Services District Director, Barbara Dye, reports (she is also the GCSD representative on the SAM board).

Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside consists of:

  • 2 board members from Granada Community Services District (GCSD) Barbar
  • 2 board members Montara Sewer and Water District  (MSWD)
  • 2 board member from the City Council of Half Moon Bay

GCSD Parks & Recreation’s January Newsletter and Winter/Spring Class Course Schedule

SCHEDULE.  Attached is the GCSD Parks & Recreation’s January Newsletter recapping the Fall programs of both Parks & Recreation and the Parks Advisory Committee (PAC) events.

Also included is the Winter/Spring Class and course schedule. We are featuring four community walks, including Birds of Pillar PointThe Harbor- Early Residents and Marine HistoryQuarry Park- Mixed Habitats and a Preservation Success, and El Granada History – Daniel Burnham and the Ocean Shore Railroad.

Our class schedule includes Beginning Knitting for AdultsRug Hooking for Kids After SchoolRosen MovementCPR/AED courses for certification, and Adaptive Cycling for Kids with Special Needs.

GCSD is underwriting the CPR/AED and the Adaptive Cycling for Kids with Special Needs programs, which are being offered free to GCSD residents.

All walks and classes have limited enrollment, so please register as soon as possible.



Are You a Hipster? Find Out More About the HIP House Sharing Program

VIDEO. Many seniors struggle with fixed incomes.
HIP Housing will help you earn rent and have someone to help out around the house. Win-Win! 
HIP Housing does the interviewing for you.
It is a FREE county service.


Other Stories

article Did You Know There is a Road From El Granada Blvd. to Milbrae?
guest editorial InPerspective: How Development Will Undermine Your Water, Sewer and Fire Security
video Got Hearing Loss? Check Out ClearCaptions: See Every Conversation. It’s FREE.
video Wrecks at Franklin Point and the Shipwreck Cemetary ~ HMB History Lecture
video $15 Minimum Wage Passed by Half Moon Bay City Council
video $300k Loan for Workforce Development Center is Approved by the City of HMB
video Harbor Village RV Park Plans Tabled Unanimously by SMCo Planning
video AB 1672 Will Redefine the Marketing of “Flushable” Wipes
link Anonymous Survey by San Mateo County for Aging & Adult Services
article Parklet Pilot Project at Cafe Society on Main Street HMB
podcast KHMB With Eric Harger ~ Community Swimming Pool at CUSD Headquarters?
video Medio Bridge Repair and SAM Sewer Pipe Replacement Update
video Please DON’T FLUSH “Flushable” Wipes Down the Toilet
video Farallone School Is Off the Chopping Block; No More Moonridge Bussing
video Demographic Enrollment 
Study for CUSD ~ Falling Enrollment, Falling Income
article Montara Water and Sewer Director Eric Marshall Resigns ~ Want to Apply?

SURVEY: What Do You Think of Short-Term Rentals in HMB?
article Montara Water and Sewer Director Eric Marshall Resigns ~ Want to Apply?
article/video Portable Generator Safety Tips ~ Carbon Monoxide, Transfer Switch, Backfeed, Noise
video $300,000 Funding Request From Abundant Grace Workforce Development Center
video $12.5 Million Allocated by Cal Trans for Devils Slide Tunnels
photo-essay Did San Mateo County Unintentionally Incentivize Coastside Bay City Flower to Sell to Cannbis/Hemp?
video Johnston House Trail and Class One Trail Planned to Connect Main Street
video 10 Jurisdictions AGREE to the Bay to Sea Trail Letter of Intent
video/powerpoint How Census 2020 Data Works in San Mateo County
Recommend Goal Zero Yeti 400 Power Station + Boulder 50 link Solar Kit 
video Cabrillo Unified School District’s County Takeover and Pink Slip Process 
photo-essay A Review of the Half Moon Bay Review in 1969 

KQED podcast 40 Years on, How Does Proposition 13 Impact the California Dream? 
article Cal Trans Says Gray Whale Cove Pedestrian Crossing Has Zero Impact on Environment
link Coastside Wave ~ City of HMB Public Safety Newsletter 2019 

article CERT Field Operating Guide is Great for Triage ~ Buy One for Your CERT Bag 
video How Long Can CCWD Provide Wat
er During a PG&E Fire Safety Shutdown? 
article SFPUC Plans for Montara North Peak Include Public Outreach and Whiting Ridge? 
video The State of California is Causing CUSD’s Financial Crisis 
photo-essay  Kirk Lombard of Sea Forager Takes Us on a Seafood Adventure 
photo-essay  Wastewater and Microgrids for the Coastside? No More Inter-Tie or Outfall!? 

podcast CoasTalk #5 with Mark Weisbarth and Local Hip Hop Rapper Lil MC 
KQED podcastThe BIG One: Your Survival Guide for a 7.8 Earthquake a KPCC Radio Production 

Dyslexia? CUSD Dyslexia Advisory video Committee Presents the Latest Research  
article Home and Car Emergency Supply Checklists ~ Are you Prepared? 
video Phog Foundation Lecture ~ Cannabis Consumption; Finding What Works Best for You 
photo-essay  HMB Jail and Museum Remote Tour 
Spectacular Goes17 
podcast What are Terpenes? What is the “Entourage Effect?” 
photo-essay  The Ring.
video Coastal Trail, 

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Bedtime Stories ~ Harold and the Purple Crayon

PODCAST. “Harold and the Purple Crayon was one of my favorite books as a kid. I loved the idea of creating your own world. Something I think is really important today. Create the world you want to see and be the person you would want to be friends with.” Patty Sherin 10/24/17.

Artist and native New Yorker, Patty Sherin has had a passion for colors, patterns and the creativity that comes with using your hands to create beautiful, engaging pieces people of all ages can enjoy.

What began as a hobby when her grandmother taught her to crochet at just 10 years old, quickly grew into her life’s ambition as she grew older.


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Teach your Kids to Listen and Imagine with Bedtime Stories

Prepare your child for a relaxing audio podcast experience. Whether in the car, the store, or before bed, let your child immerse their ears in their imagination. School is largely auditory. So, prepare your kid to listen and visualize a story without TV or video. Just listen!


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